I made a leather bracelet for a friend the other day – and no, I wasn’t smart enough to take a picture of it before I gave it to her.

But the materials were sitting on my desk since then and the other night I made a one minute necklace.

Mini Fairy Garden


The circle is a vintage piece I had in a box of stuff – one side is pearls and the other side is blue rhinestones – I like the pearls better. Although this is a vintage piece, the craft stores sell a lot of pieces that are a continuous shape similar to this.

I simply looped it through with the color leather cord – tied in the back – done!

And speaking of gifts for a friend – here is one a did take a picture of.

Mini Fairy Garden


This lady always has my back – always helps me out.

She loved my fairy garden and she loves mint – so as a thank for all the help she has given me lately..

I made her a mini-mint-fairy garden (say that three times fast!).

The fairy garden stuff I found when I visited my friend in MA.

I found the two different types of mint – one regular and one low growing at my favorite garden center - not only is beautiful with a great selection - they are the nicest people as well (Fair Acre Farms located in Sussex, NJ).

Mini Fairy Garden

They also have several chickens there as well.

These two look like they are talking to each other and cracked me up.

What do you think they are saying?

Probably “When is the crazy lady who keeps pointing her phone at us going to go away?”

Have a great one!

June 12, 2012 — Laura Putnam