Another Summer Mantel

Three years ago, we figured out that our kids’ spring break was going to be the first time that their break did not fall during sugaring season.  And with our oldest getting so close to the college years, we decided to go ahead and take a real proper beach vacation and we journeyed off for the week. The resort we stayed at was beautiful, the island was lovely and very welcoming.  Our kids had a great time as did we and we all loved getting away for a week as a family. But the one thing they kept talking about the whole time is that couldn’t wait to go to LBI this summer.  As in the Jersey shore.  As in where we go every year to my parents’ little tiny place.  Where we all share a room and six people share one bathroom and there are four dogs running under foot. On our island getaway we had sprawling space and somehow ended up with 2.5 and half bathrooms.  We had screened porches that surrounded all sides so you never needed air conditioning because the sea breezes blew through. And they were excited about LBI. And then I realized that I was excited for LBI too.  While the tropical location was really nice and fun, sometimes it is just about family traditions and riding our bikes and getting ice cream cones and smelling the sea air.  And for me, really curl beach hair.   We are so lucky that even if it is crowded, we are able to head to my parents’ beach house and spend time together. Since schedules keep us from getting down there just yet, I decided it was time to spend a few minutes and decorate our mantel so we can have a little bit of the beach at home. And as I have tended to these days, I kept it pretty simple.  Our DIY chalkboard is still on the mantel so I added a garland of starfish that I already had.  If you didn’t have a garland, it really is just twine tied around each one.  Then I added our new nautical adornments in between the starfish.  Then I just grabbed a bunch of things that were blues and greens or “beachy” and layered them on the mantel.  Simple and pretty. If you like this idea, you might like this Summer Mantel Idea as well. ]]>

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8 thoughts on “Another Summer Mantel”


  1. Hi Laura! So happy to see your post in my e-mail this morning, I’ve missed you!! I know that you are super busy these days and that can be overwhelming at times. Love your mantel, it’s like a visit to the beach. Hope your family has time for a vacation soon. Thank-you for this sweet post.

  2. Looks so beachy and fun! We vacation on LBI every Summer! 2 weeks of fun in the sun and now getting more exercise tackling the huge mountainous dunes up and down to the beach since the replenishment

  3. The resort you were in sounded great and amazing. It is really nice sometimes going to a place for a week as it allows the family to relax. The chalkboard looks great – I’m going to have a go over the weekend!