100% Certified Organic Maple Syrup - Glass Bottles



We are maple farmers at heart. As 4th generation maple farmers, we understand and appreciate what it takes to produce pure maple syrup. Our certified organic maple syrup produced in NY is not overly sweet, with almost a buttery and savory profile. Perfect for pancakes, waffles, sweetening tea, and other amazing recipes! From our trees to your table, shop online to enjoy our organic maple syrup.

    Four Generations of Maple Syrup

    We are fourth generation maple syrup makers with over 14 years of experience in the sugaring process. Merging old traditions with new technology, Finding Home Farms is dedicated to providing the most pure products to our customers, starting with our maple syrup.

    Finding Home Farm

    Pure and Organic

    Our best-selling maple syrup is completely pure, 100% organic, and free of any artifical additives or flavors. Our mission is to provide the safest, most pure, and delicious form of maple syrup.

    Better than the rest

    Our 100% pure maple syrup sets us apart from the rest. We are not your typical pancake syrup, which often has additives like sugar, corn syrup, and preservatives. We take great care of our maple trees and forestry to ensure our maple syrup is perfect from start to finish.

    More uses than just a sweet topping

    Our pure maple syrup is great to add to coffee or tea as a sweetner, use in baking recipes like our Pancake and Maple Glazed Donuts, or even to mix into your favorite cocktail! With so many great uses, our best selling maple syrup is a staple for the upcoming seasons.

    It's what we've be doing for generations

    Mixing old techniques with new technology to provide the purest maple syrup for our customers

    Now on the Blog

    Gather. Create. Connect.

    We're more than a family maple farm. Finding Home Farms started as a blog for all things related to creating an inviting, loving, beautiful home. Visit our blog for delicious maple recipes, get behind the scenes look at how our candles are designed and made, and connect with a community of people just like you.

    See the sugaring process for yourself

    Come check out how we make our Award Winning Maple Syrup! With over four generations of sugaring experts, We are so proud of our sugaring process. Finding Home Farms wants to show our customers how the perfect bottle is made with love.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Marty Johnston
    Maple syrup

    This is the the best maple syrup my family has ever tasted! We will definitely be buying more!!

    Tracy Bell
    Love this syrup

    Love their story, love the bottle, love the syrup

    Sam Creamer

    We sent this product to everyone on our out-of -state Christmas list.
    We also purchased a bunch of the small bottles to add to cookie plates here in our town. Everyone has loved them and the bottle we bought for our home is fantastic. Taste is like real syrup used to when I was a kid.
    I think we will be ordering alot more in the future. Thank you for a great product and the service was exceptional. All around great people to work with.

    Nancy Nelson
    Love it

    Great taste. This is very good syrup.

    Susan Martin
    Quite special

    This maple syrup tastes like pure Nature. Makes me think of a field of wildflowers. Worth the price for such an experience.