Yardstick-Ruler-Ideas Are you going to Chapel Market? I am and I am so excited! I am sharing a booth with my partner in crime - the ever amazing KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms! Even if you don't come by to make any purchases, we will be sure to entertain you! We will be inside the chapel, but there will be a lot of fun vendors outside in the tents as well! Dana and I shipped off a bunch of boxes the other day filled with maple syrup. Fingers crossed, prayers and good juju that it all gets there in one piece would be appreciated! We are figuring this all out one step at a time and hopefully we have figured out how to ship syrup in bulk! We also put our new workshop to use (sharing soon!) and pulled together some projects that we sent. I picked up a bunch of vintage yardsticks at Brimfield last month and we put them to good use... Clipboards.... Yardstick-Clipboards A sled - so hard to sell to sell this one! Yardstick-Sled Some fun little trees... Yardstick-Trees A few colorful frames... Yardstick-frame And of course, my favorite yardstick arrows... Yardstick-Arrow If time allows, we are going to try and finish a few ornaments and I will bring them in my suitcase! All of them were made using a chop saw or a bandsaw to make the cuts and then attached to the base with a mix of different strong glues. Then I sanded down the edges smooth and added dark wax. If you come, please stop by and introduce yourself! I would love to meet you! Now I am off to figure out what the heck I am going to wear! Newpostsignature_thumb.jpg
October 20, 2014 — Anil Sharma