Wood slice & Burlap Christmas Wreath

Here it is – my first official Christmas post and it is a Christmas Wreath!

Now, if this upsets you and you feel I should wait till Thanksgiving, my apologies. But as a blogger, like in magazines, if we wait that long, the pressure is on for everything else and the crafting gets left behind.

And plus, I love to start Christmas early!

This wreath is a Christmas version of the Wood & Burlap Fall Wreath I shared a few weeks back.

This wreath can be customized to whatever colors and patterns you like. It is pretty simple, here at the steps.

Step 1

You simply start with a wreath form. I used a flat wooden form like this one, but almost any one will work. It is a 12" wreath.

We sliced the wood from logs we had with a chop saw. The slices were between 2.5" and 3" each. However, rumor has it that Michael’s Stores are now selling the slices in a bag.

Layer them around once and then a second time overlapping the seams of the first round.

If your wreath is going indoors, you can use hot glue, but if you are putting it in a warm or sunny spot, use a weather safe adhesive.

Tie a ribbon around the form for hangining before you beginning gluing the wood on.

Step 2

Fold over pieces of burlap ribbon, and glue them down in multiple directions to create a framework to build on. I also followed back in with the sheer snowflake ribbon for a little more pattern.

Step 3

Glue on pinecones in multiple sizes and directions.

Step 4

Using glue, tuck in varying pieces of imitation or real greenery. I used a green one with blue berries and then went back in to layer in the green berries.

And then hang it up and enjoy!


Thanks so much for reading and happy crafting!

Update - I am proud to report that this wreath was photographed by BHG Christmas Crafts magazine for their 2014 edition.


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