VintageFamilyHomeOffice.png Life has been a bit crazy. A bit hectic. A bit frustrating even. I feel like the house is always a mess. I feel like I am never caught up and the refrigerator is empty of anything decent at all times. The world of blogging creates this image that everything is "just so". I never want to create the impression that there aren't days, and by days I mean many, that the laundry is piled up, the floors are filled with muddy paw prints and that the office is covered in glitter. Right now, the entire office is covered in glitter. HomeOfficeBuiltInDesk_thumb.png I am here to say it. Balance is a myth. The idea that we can find that perfect blend of work, family, friends and personal time while keeping your home in impeccable shape is an unreachable goal, in my opinion. But I am not here to stress you out and say you should just give up. I am here to say it okay to not have balance. I think instead, we need to seek seasons. Seasons of really focusing on work. Seasons of really focusing on family and friends. Seasons of taking care of ourselves really well. Seasons of our home being in tip-top shape. And then, within each of those seasons, pull in as much as we can of the other areas. Decide what is most important and then give ourselves permission to let the others go. CraftTableHomeOffice.png Right now, my season is getting sick kiddos well. We have had the flu hit both girls and the lingering woes that follow. They are close to recovery, but there have been moments that have brought them to tears. That is when it is easy to forget about the house and work and yourself and just take care of your babies. Right now, my season is coordinating and making (and by making I mean anything with a glue gun - there is a talented team of ladies sewing amazing costumes) 111 costumes with many pieces and parts for the middle school production of The Little Mermaid, Jr. I am choosing to be part of something bigger than each of us with my girl, Peanut. To be there everyday after school and see her blossom on the stage. To be there each day to get to know her friends better. To have the opportunity to get to know those kids that maybe need a little encouragement to shine on that stage. I take this opportunity really seriously, as I tend to with most things and I am so thankful to be there. Right now, my season is having Sunshine there with me each day to be my partner in crime. She is there with me after school and on Saturdays to help me and come up with her own ideas. I get to chat with her in the "costume closet" about all that is going on in school and with her friends. I am so thankful that I am in a season where my teenager is still willing to spend time with me. Right now, I get to see both of my girls flourish. I can not deny that I am frustrated with all I am behind on with work. Each day I wonder how it is possible that I didn't even come close to completing everything I sought out to do. I sometimes wonder if I should just give up on some of the things on the list. In a few weeks, the play will be over and my office will be back to being clean and put together like the pictures in this post. The glitter will all be put back in the boxes and bins. The glue gun will go back into its holster and maybe I will stop burning myself. So. Many. Times. I will be able to switch seasons and put the same energy into work related things that I love to do. The weather will hopefully be a bit brighter and maybe we will even be able to crack open a window to let fresh air in. My house will get back in order and I will finally conquer that toppling tower of returns I must do. In a few short weeks, I will actually see my craft table again and there will only be a few hints of glitter left. IkeaHackCraftTable.png Until then, I chose to make this season about my kids even when it is hard. I am so painfully aware that in such a short time no one will be leaving a cereal bowl in my living room, no one will be going through my make-up drawer and no one will forget to empty their lunch box when they get home because they will be off living their own seasons. CraftStudioDecorating_thumb.png Take today to allow yourself to balance out your seasons and don't put the expectation on yourself that you can do it all. I was speaking with someone the other day about the fact that I don't sew, not a stitch. Her response, in a very kind way was shock because she thought that was something crafty that I would be able to do. My response was that there were a lot of things I am good at and I am totally fine that sewing is not one of them. Shouldn't we all give ourselves permission to be okay with the things we are not good at? My sister is not crafty. Really, not all at. However, she is an amazing teacher and has an incredible understanding and passion for literacy. I am a terrible teacher and have no understanding for literacy. Neither is better than the other. Let's all give ourselves permission to balance our seasons and give ourselves grace for what are not our strengths and celebrate the strengths that we do have. And lets do the same for each as well. And as always, thank you for reading.
March 02, 2015 — Anil Sharma