Decorating-with-farm-style-flowers Okay, before we start, I just have to make sure about one thing. Did you know we changed our blog address? We are no longer - we are now! I just wanted to make sure you knew where to find us! So, when I first shared our story of how we decided to take a different path, the response was so great. So people commented and emailed me about how they were inspired with our story. I know we are just figuring things out day by day, but I know I love reading these types of stories too. I have long been fascinated and cheered for people who are doing what they love and making a life at it. So, I decided to start sharing an entrepreneurial series about people who have taken a different path and found what they truly loved. I first started with a young lady who lives locally to us. You can read her story here. Today, I am sharing about another young woman, Christina Stembel who is the owner of Farmgirl Flowers. Ever since I found her company, I have been somewhat obsessed with her business model and how she is turning the flower industry up on end. I had to see for myself what this was all about so I went ahead and ordered a bouquet. I wanted to make sure that it really was all I hoped it would be. And it was. Aren't they just so pretty? Flower-Bouquet-Ideas What is so different about them? Well, first off all they came shipped right to be door from California, via Fed Ex. And, they came in this adorable box. Farmgirl-Flowers-Delivery-Box And to boot, they were wrapped in their signature beautiful burlap. Farmgirl-Flowers-Bouquet But she really won my heart over when she went all old-school and included a pin and stickers. Oh, and gold tattoos. I wish I could tell you that I wore the tattoos, but I must admit, my daughters stole them before I could make an ill-advised decision. Old-School-Marketing What really make Farmgirl Flowers special however is their business model. After tons of research, Ms. Stembel discovered that 80% of cut flowers sold in the US are imported. So, all of Farmgirl Flowers are all grown with American growers. And, she took it one step further. There is 40% waste in the floral industry as well. Think about all of the potential arrangements you can order from a traditional flower shop. The florists have to flowers sitting around for all of that. And it you don't order them, well, you get the picture. Farmgirl Flowers changes the model by offering one amazing bouquet option a day. You pick the size / price point and they ship what is season from American growers. You can view current images of what they are sending to get an idea of what the bouquets will look like on their website. Galvanized-Vase-Flowers It all just makes so much sense to me and I can tell you I am in! Honey, if you are reading... I love what Christina shares on her about page: "The number one position on my bucket list was always to start a business doing something innovative and hopefully, at the same time, something that would make a positive impact in the world. Admittedly, many of my kooky ideas fulfilled one mission, but rarely both. When researching the flower industry, I found the perfect opportunity to create a new model that would provide a much better alternative to what’s currently available, while supporting local business and agriculture. It seemed like the perfect idea to me (obvi, like every entrepreneur), however taking the risk to jump off the comfy steady paycheck ledge was still pretty terrifying. I'm so glad I did though!" I did not get the opportunity to interview Christina, but I think her story is just so inspiring I had to share it! As always, thanks so much for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1