Quick-Easy-Decorating-Coffee-Table-Styling When I first started the 10 Minute Decorating series, the goal was to share projects that could easily be done in just 10 minutes. Let's be real, sometimes that is all we have time for. As I look back on the projects I have shared so far, I have been focusing more on specific projects that require materials and a tutorial. For today, I thought I would mix things up a little and not share a specific project. Instead, I am going to share how you can tackle just one small space and make it work for you - coffee table styling. This month, the talented Jessica of Four Generations One Roof will be joining me sharing her 10 Minute Decorating ideas as well and she is also sharing coffee table styling ideas! We have two primary coffee tables in our house. One is in the family room and the other is in the living room. When I freshen up a room or change things up for the season, one of the first places I decorate is my coffee table. Sometimes, it goes smoothly and sometimes not so much. So I thought I would pull together some simple tips that have worked for me to help you quickly style your coffee table.

1. Start with a box, a bin or a tray

CoffeeTableStylingIdeas_thumb.jpg This is always where I start (the tray pictured above is from Pier 1). Of course, I do have an unusual obsession with all things boxes, bins and trays so I have a good assortment. But it really just takes one. I vary which side I place them and which direction they go so it is always a little bit different. Sometimes I use just one, sometimes I have a mix of boxes, trays and bins all one table. Trays and boxes create boundaries and break the space up so it doesn't seem like just one big open space. They can also help vary the height of what is on the table which can also make for a more pleasing set up.

2. Books are always useful

FindingHomeLivingRoomCoffeeTable.jpg The next item I usually bring in are books. I know this seems like an easy tip, but I just didn't feel I could speak about styling a coffee table without making books part of the plan. I mix between smaller vintage books and larger "coffee table books". By stacking them in size order you establish some height for other items to be placed. You can also bring in color and texture with the books you select.

3. Add at least one item with height

Addingsimpledetailsforfall.jpg Whether it be a ceramic or real pumpkin in the fall or a bouquet of flowers in a vase, adding at least one item with some height will bring more interest to your table. Starting from your tallest item, you can stagger items down right next to it and balance another item at the other end of the table. You can see in the image below, the flowers on the right are the highest, then the books and mason jar and then down to the pumpkin. The key is to not having everything at one height. FallDecoratingWhitePumpkins.jpg

4. Bring in the details

CoffeTableDecoratingIdeas.jpg So now that you have the foundation laid with boxes and trays and you have brought in some height, it is time to layer in the details. This where I usually turn to some of my vintage treasures like doorknobs, keys, etc. I also love to bring in candles, shoe forms and seasonal details like greenery and pine cones. This is the part where your personality comes through by bringing in what has meaning to you and tells your story. Sometimes it is more subtle with a treasure found on a trip or it can be more literal with framed favorite photos. FindingHomeHolidayHousewalkCoffeeTablePhotos_thumb.jpg The key is there are no rules and don't be afraid to move things around until it works for your eye. And that is it! In about 10 minutes you pulled together one space or updated it for the seasons! Don't forget to stop by Jessica's blog for more coffee table styling ideas. If you would like to see more quick projects, click this link - 10 Minute Decorating Ideas Do you have any other tricks or ideas that you rely on? I would love you to share them in the comments! Thanks so much for reading! Newpostsignature.jpg Disclosure: Some links contain affiliate links, however all ideas, image and opinions are my own