When I left you at the end of Part 1, we were heading across town to a complete stranger’s home to see some dollhouse furniture. If you are just joining us – you can read part one here. This story is about how a series of events in our lives were leading us somewhere before we even knew it. And when you look back, you realize that... it all started with a dollhouse.

So, I should explain that the town we were in is a railroad town that is no longer in its heyday and has some tough neighborhoods. I was admittedly uncomfortable, but I was in so far and we really felt like we were on an adventure. We followed the directions and we couldn’t believe where we ended up. Tucked in the hillside was the prettiest and most private cul-de-sac you ever did see. We peered through the tress to see the most enchanting house nestled among them. And when I saw the old Range Rover parked out front, I knew we had found some cool people.

To her word, the mom and her husband came right out with bags of dollhouse furniture. Peanut and I got out to greet them and Sunshine stayed in the car. We had the bags on the ground and were going through them. Later, Sunshine told me that the husband was telling the wife over our heads to just let us take them all and the wife was arguing "No!" I wish I had known that before I negotiated a price for the whole lot!

They were the coolest people and we ended up staying a bit and having a whole bunch of conversations. We found out that the wife ran an Etsy shop and they were selling everything to move to Oregon to build a log cabin and be near their other children and newly born grandchild. All the while, the husband kept asking, “You sure you don’t want the dollhouse?” I kept insisting we were fine and that we already had one. He kept coming back with, “It’s a fixer upper. You guys seem crafty. It would be a great project.” I said “no thank you," several times. And then, I had one thought. I went over to Sunshine who was still in the car. Peanut had pretty much already taken possession of my dollhouse and it was already set up in her room. I kept assuming Sunshine was too old and wouldn’t be interested. But, I thought I would check my hunch. When I asked her if she might like a dollhouse also, her face lit up and she shook her head yes.

The problem was, I really hadn’t looked at the dollhouse when we had been at the yard sale. All I could remember was that it was in pretty tough shape. I felt bad asking them to see it again because I really didn’t know if I would buy it. They were gone for a bit and it was quite nerve wracking watching them try to carry it up their stone path. I definitely had not remembered how big it was. At this time, I knew the husband was the one to negotiate with. As he had said, it was a "fixer upper," but it sure was pretty. “What is your best price?” I asked “Thirty dollars.” He responded I opened the back of the car and they loaded it right in.

As he put it in, he asked, “Is this your kind of dream home?” I answered, “No, I am more of a farmhouse kind of girl.” “Really," he said," because we have a farmhouse with 70 acres for sale.” And then I asked, because doesn’t everyone, “Does it have maple trees?” And that is where I will end today, but to be continued! But, I will leave you with the picture of us as we drove away with our dollhouse. Sadly, the only one I have before we started priming it.

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May 23, 2014 — Laura Putnam