When I first photographed our home decorated for Christmas, you may have noticed one thing was a little bit off.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Living Room at Night

There were very few ornaments on our tree.

Well, the reason being was hubby was out of town and we were not going to decorate our tree without him.

So me and my girls put up a few and then we waited until he returned home.

And now she is all decorated.

She is filled with all of the decorations my kids have made over the years, and treasures from places we have traveled.

And treasures my husband has brought back from his travels.

And new treasures found this year.

And speaking of new treasures found this year, check out this fabulous guy…

He is from the Cherry Valley Tinsel Company and he made this amazing machine that makes these fabulous Tin-cicles that are adding an extra bit of sparkle to my tree this year.

We met him in Sharon Springs, NY when Hubby and I snuck away for a night. Of course I could not tell you about meeting the Tin Man, without sharing this picture too.

Yup that is Brent, one half of the Amazing Race winning Beekman Boys. I also bought their book and he signed it for me.

Sweet little town, crazy amounts of style packed into to one little town.

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Thanks so much for reading!