Craft Room Storage Cabinet

So, when I was asked to be part of Knocktoberfest (isn’t that the best name ever?) by Lindsay, I set out to come with ideas. While my main project was the craft room storage cabinet, I was so captivated with this leather “B” in the Ballard Designs catalog, I had to try to make my own.

So here is my nailhead trim leather upholstered letter.

Say that three times fast.

Craft Room Storage Cabinet

I found the large paper mache “P” at the A.C. Moore craft store by us and I found the roll of nailhead trim and material at Joanne Fabrics. The material needs to be fairly thin to fold over, so mine is a suede like material that has the subtle shine of leather. It was very inexpensive.

You can find a similar letter here and you can find the nailhead trim here.

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I tried a few different methods, but in the end I ran strips down the sides and folded them to the back. Everything was attached with hot glue.

Once the sides were attached, I traced the front on the backside of the fabric with chalk and then cut it out.

I then began gluing from one side and then stretching it tight to the other side. I waited till I had some of the side attached before I went back in and cut the center of the letter. This allowed a little extra if I needed it. I folded over the edges just a bit and glued them down.

Then I ran the nailhead trim around all of the sides. Every few, there is a spot for you to tack in. Just press right into the paper mache. When I reached a corner or an end point that did not end with a hole, I used hot glue to attach it. The trim worked easily around the bends of the letter.

Tip for gluing – if you just run a bead of hot glue, it will leave a lump. Have something (other than your finger, yes, I burned myself. Bad) to smooth it down before placing the fabric on it. I used an old butter knife.

Another tip – I will admit, mine was a bit of mess when I was done, glue strings everywhere. Use a blow dryer over the whole project to clean up loose glue and strings.

I do have a few bumps and lumps, but overall I am super happy. And at least you can learn from my bumps and lumps! I used a few Command strips to attach it to the cork board until I figure out where it is going long term.

But for now, I love it right where it is.

Wishing you a great day!


October 28, 2013 — Anil Sharma