Today, I am joining with some blogging friends to share some easy and quick gift wrapping ideas.

Did you know that they are selling gloves this year where there is something in the fingertip that makes it so it works on your phone screen?

My world has been rocked.

And my daughter bought a pair for each of her girlfriends (fyi, JC Penney - only $5 each!).

So I decided to help her with some gift wrapping ideas.

And my thoughts went to my Grandmother, Myrtle. I imagine we all have a Myrtle in our lives. You know the one. They so carefully open the gift because they don't want to tear the paper, because it looks so "rich".

So, whenever possible, I like to wrap presents in something that is a gift in itself - without getting too complicated. That way, they don't have to worry about wasting the wrapping.

And hopefully, with something already in the house. And in my case, since I am a ribbon hoarder, I always have ribbon in my house.

Enter - no-sew and easy DIY gift bags, made from ribbon.

Simply choose your ribbon to start. I love this wide burlap ribbon with the lace over the top. I found it at Hobby Lobby. Or you could use something a little more fun and colorful like the ribbon I used on my Advent calendar. Actually, this whole idea came from my Advent calendar - I just adopted it for gift wrapping.

Cut to your length. Due to the width of your ribbon, you are somewhat limited in your gift width, but with the right ribbon you have lots of options. I am fairly certain I could make the lace ribbon work for a bottle of wine as well.

Fold your ribbon in half and glue the sides with hot glue.

Place your gift inside and gather at the top and tie with a ribbon.

For this version, I turned over the top edge on both sides and left the top open. I then just wrapped it all in a piece of ribbon.

And here is the same idea with a couple of folds and it is perfect for a gift card.

Actually, in truth, wrapping these gloves took less time than it would have to put them in a box and wrap them in "rich" paper that would just be thrown away.

So, I have to believe that Myrtle would be quite happy!


And if you need more ideas, please visit At the Picket Fence, Snap Creativity

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And as we get closer to Christmas, I hope the hustle and bustle isn't overwhelming you.

I wish you a ....


Thanks for reading and have a great day!