I just shared about the overall process of how we organized our garage and the steps we used to get there. You can also find all of the before and after photos as well as the specifics on everything we used to get here on The Home Depot blog. When it was all said and done, one of my favorite parts of the whole project was how we went about getting our sports equipment organized, so today I am going to share all of the details about that. Garage-Sporting-Equipment-Organization We chose to use the wall space on one side of the garage where we park a vehicle. The GearTrack system from The Home Depot was perfect because it allowed us to hang all of our gear, but none of it stuck out too far that it would be in the way of our car.

We truly found a place for all of our sporting goods equipment. I love everything being off the floor for so many reasons. Cleaning up around it is really easy, it saves the floor space and gives everything a specific spot. We even have a place for skateboards, scooters and the pogo stick. Trust me, I never thought that would happen. Organizing-Sports-Equipment We chose to place our order online to get exactly all the pieces and parts that we needed. Some were shipped to our local store and some were shipped right to our home.

Everyone’s needs will be different, but I thought I would share with you each of the components we used as a starting point (click on the item). 2 Pack Panel Track (4 of them) GearTrack Big Hook (3) Ventilated Mesh Basket (2) (only available as part of a starter kit now) Ventilated Wire Basket (2) J and L 8 Pack Hooks Utility Hook S Hook (3) Ball Caddy (2) (seems to no longer be available online) End Caps Clean Up Caddy There are a lot of other options to meet your needs as well. You can add cabinets, shelves, and project caddies.

So far this system has made it through the last few months with my family with it still intact and organized. Good luck on wherever your organizing endeavors take you. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1 Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links but they for items that I already use myself!

January 16, 2015 — Laura Putnam