Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Rustic-Barn-Door-Football-Toss Last summer we traveled a lot and were hardly home. As a result, our backyard and deck area were hardly used. This year, we are focusing more on a "stay-cation" so we have been working on getting all of our outdoor spaces spruced up. So when Jamie from That's My Letter asked me if I wanted to work on a lawn game project for The Home Depot, I knew it was going to be fun. The picture below is a Football Toss game for father's day that The Home Depot came up with. We were challenged to come up with our own version and to put our twist on it. Home Depot Football Toss I decided we should make ours look like a rustic barn door Home-Depot-Fathers-Day-Football-Toss And so we added some extra trim to the sides and across the middle. We stained the whole thing with classic gray stain from Mixwax. One coat did the job. I applied the stain with a brush, let it sit for about five minutes and then wiped it down with a soft cloth. Then to really give the feel of a rustic barn door, I added some vintage hardware I had to make it look like a latch. I used a vintage version, but you could easily use new. Fathers-Day-Football-Toss-Rustic-Style_edited-1 And the best part is that you can attend a Home Depot Workshop to learn how to make your own. The workshops will demonstrate the steps, skills and materials needed so that you can make your own. Click the link below and find the schedule and location for the nearest workshop to you.

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Barn-Door-Rustic-Style-Football-Toss We made our football toss game look like a rustic barn door, but there is plenty more ideas to be inspired by. Check out all of these projects below:



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Home Depot, however all ideas and opinions are my own.