Even In Those Moments I Will Try

The last few weeks have been a reminder to me.

A reminder that life really is short.

That we need to really enjoy the everyday moments.

Even In Those Moments I Will Try

That even when relaxing summer vacations are over and life gets busy, that we need to enjoy things.

Of course, this is coming from the same person who had herself in tears and palpitations the other night over to-do list and life’s happenings.

Even In Those Moments I Will Try

I will also admit that sometimes I bury my head in the sand and don’t really want to listen or read the news. Sometimes it is easier not to know.


Sometimes it is easier to put 9/11 behind us and not think about it anymore.


But I think the key to remembering 9/11 is by living in these moments and not taking them for granted.

For treasuring our kids and all of their messes now while they are still with us. Or for treasuring the moments that are now behind us and looking towards making new ones.

Vacations are wonderful, and as you can see from these photos, we had a fantastic time. But sometimes I put too much weight on vacation. It is one 1 week.

What about the other 51 weeks?

Even when homework becomes frustrating and children are overtired…

Even when schedules are confusing and hectic…

Even when the laundry is piled up and the house is a mess…


Even in those moments I am going to try and remember.

I am going to try to remember that each day is a blessing.

Each day is a gift.


And when I blow it and have a stressful day and yell my head off, I will be thankful that there will be a tomorrow to try and get it right again.

In an attempt to get today partially right, I will start with being thankful for each of you and wishing you a day filled with blessings.

September 11, 2013 — Anil Sharma