When I shared my first in the series of 10 Minute Decorating Ideas – I had originally planned to include this project – a plate message board.

But then, I realized, it was so easy – it doesn’t even take 10 minutes.

I am big love of leaving messages and the power of words – so why not have a pretty and simple way to leave inspiration, quotes, song lyrics, scripture, or even an apology – right where everyone can see it.


I simply used a plate stand that can be found at most craft stores or box stores – a white plate and a dry erase maker.

Easy peasy, done.

My only tip – don’t use a vintage plate, especially if it has crazing. Vintage plates tend to be more porous and will make it difficult to remove the marker. Any type of porous plate will not work - it must be a sealed finish. If you are unsure, you might want to test it first on the back.

If you have any marker left behind, a little spray cleaner or a magic eraser will clean it right up.


And it you don’t have a windowsill deep enough, or if you want to put it in another room, this works just as well with a plate hung on a wall. I think I might try that next.

Wishing you a great day and thanks for reading.

Oh, and by the way...