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.It is that time of year. Kids are either back in school or mere days from being there. With that comes busy schedules, homework and projects. Now, we are past the days of dioramas and homemade volcanoes, but there are still a lot of projects that come our way. And we need a place to easily and quickly get that all done. So, I decided to get our craft table better organized and share some craft table organization tips with you. This is where we started. Always in the middle of a project. Always grabbing the things we need from our craft cabinet. And the scissors. Why are the scissors always missing?

And the cords. The cords were driving me crazy. When we designed our craft table, we created a shelf area where I knew I would put the power strip, but it just never worked right. Organizing the cords was my first step. I used the round cord clips from Command Brand. After cleaning the area with isopropyl alcohol, I removed the blue liner from the tab and attached it to the clip. Then I removed the black liner from the tab and put it in along the shelf where I wanted the cord to run.

I held it in place for 30 seconds and then left them for an hour before attaching the cord.

Then I put the legs and sides of our desk to work using a host of different hooks and caddies from Command Brand. I decided to get the things I used most often out of the cabinet and right in my reach.

( For all Command Brand hooks, be sure that you clean each area with isopropyl alcohol first, take note of the weight ranges, following the suggested waiting time and have clearance below to safely remove the tabs in the future)

Starting with the slate jumbo hook, I removed the red liners to attach both strips to the back of the hook. Then I removed the black liners and held the hook in place for 30 seconds. This hook is a little different in that you then slide the hook off of the base and let it wait an hour. Then slide the hook back on the base and use it.

I used two hooks along the front of the legs and hung a basket on one and a bag on the other.

Then I used an assortment of the slate hooks to hang items on the other legs. I used single slate hooks, removing the red liner, attaching it and the removing the black liner and holding it in place.

Now, my scissors are right where I need them (and I know when they are missing!).

I also hung my hole punch, safety glasses and metal rulers. I used to keep all of these things in bins in the craft cabinet, but I use them so often it just didn’t make sense.

One of my favorite organization tools from Command Brand are the caddies. I attached them right to the side of the tabletop and store decorative tape and keep my glue gun and glue sticks right there. Of course, always make sure that your glue gun is cool before putting it back in the bin. 16-Organize-Caddies The same idea is used to hang the caddy, there are just more tabs.

Not only do I my kids now have a more organized space to work on their projects, I am set up to work more efficiently and be done with my projects quicker – and have more time to help them with theirs.

Wishing you an organized back-to-school season! If you would like to see all of the projects in our craft room including our DIY semi-built-in desk and our desks made from old doors, please click here.

Thanks so much for reading! Newpostsignature_thumb.jpg Disclosure: This post is written as part of your partnership with Command Brand, however all opinions and ideas are my own.
September 01, 2014 — Laura Putnam