I think it is a very safe bet to say that you won’t be seeing many baking recipes on this blog anytime soon.

I love to cook – I have full confidence just winging it – or as we like to say around here “MasGyvering” a meal.

You know when you just figure out what is the fridge and the pantry and make a meal.


In fact, tonight I pulled together a long over due home cooked meal for my family. I made a never before tried apple and cheddar salad with sunflower seeds, red onion, croutons and celery all mixed with a raspberry vinaigrette – they loved it!


But when it comes to baking – I am much less confident – you have to be so precise and follow the recipe – at least I do.

Following recipes exactly is not my strong suit.

But the Christmas rule book says “There must be Christmas baking for a jolly Holiday season!”.

So, tomorrow I am headed to the grocery store with an extensive shopping list that entails all things baking.

Now that my kitchen is decorated with greenery, figurines from Lori Mitchell and some vintage touches – it is time to mess it all up.

Yes, that is another thing – I am a very messy baker.

So we will turn on the Christmas music – or maybe a “Fa La La Lifetime” movie.

And we will make hot chocolates.

And we will slow down and be thankful for being done with the “decorating” stage and focus on family time.

And so, I may not be creating a “pinnable” recipe to share with you all.

I will be reading off a box – with one exception – my Mom’s snowball cookies.

But the good news is my daughter Sunshine is really interested in baking and has a whole list of recipes she wants to try.

This could be just the answer I have been looking for – a family baker – and its not me!

Are you a recipe maker or follower?

Are you a baker or more a meal maker?

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Thanks so much for reading!

take care

December 10, 2012 — Laura Putnam