Chalkboard Thankful Table Runner
Today, I am so excited you are here.
Today, I get to share about one of my favorite things – being thankful.
As bloggers, we have to share ideas ahead of the actual season. Thanksgiving often gets lost, somewhere between Halloween and Christmas.
So when I was asked to join with a group of fabulous bloggers to share a tradition and project that shows how we are thankful at home, I knew I wanted to share our chalkboard thankful table runner and a story about understanding my history and myself a little bit more.
If you are joining me from Savvy Southern Style, thank you so much for stopping by.
I love decorating my home for fall, creating fall tablescapes and mantels. But, sometimes, it is just about being simple and being thankful.
Chalkboard Thankful Table Runner
We are just beginning to fill out what we are thankful for, but we will continue to fill it in as a family.
I first shared this project 3 years ago. In fact, it was 3 years ago to the day. When I went back to look at the old post, which I wrote when I was first blogging, I could not believe it was exactly 3 years ago.
I think what I love most about this project is that it is just so easy. I got my runner here, but you can easily use chalkboard contact paper or chalk cloth, cut it down to your needed size and shape, and just start sharing what you are thankful for. We used a chalk pen, but you could use regular chalk as well.
I love the idea of taking the time to be thankful in your home at Thanksgiving, but I am all about filling my home with meaningful things year round. I have recently made an addition to our home that fills my heart up so much.
If you saw this post last week, you may have seen this fabulous sign that was above the cabinet in our office / craft room space.
A bit ago, I saw this sign on Instagram from a vintage shop that had it in their store. I could not email the seller fast enough – and purchased it and had it shipped.
You see, my Grandfather, who meant so much to me, owned a Fuller O”Brien paint store. Somewhere, I have a deck of cards that he gave me with the same logo on – but it says O’Brien instead of paints.
Last week, I was talking with my Aunt and I told her about the sign and she told me should thought she a picture of their truck she could send me. Better yet, she actually sent me a picture of his store in Brooklyn.

In 1948, O’Brien paints became Fuller O’Brien. So that must mean that this picture is from before that? Can you see the lady in the amazing dress on the right?
I am sitting here now, writing this post, looking at the sign on the wall and it makes me feel a connection.
To see his store.
To know that he owned a paint, wallpaper and artist materials store – makes me feel a connection – that I belong.
That this crazy direction of a life I have chosen maybe came from somewhere.
Combine that with the fact that my other Grandfather was the greatest junker that ever was, I make a whole lot more sense.
So, today, I am thankful for understanding a little more of my own story, of my history.
And creating a new chapter in the story.
And thankful for each of you for being part of it.
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November 04, 2013 — Laura Putnam