This is not the first time I am mentioning this, but in the earlier years of this blog, I did things really complicated. Elaborate tablescapes, complicated mantels and intricate details. Now, as they say, "ain't nobody got time for that." Not only is there no time, but the mess that I left in my wake was just ridiculous. Now, I find 20 minutes or less, and a bonus if it is 10 minutes or less,or it doesn't happen. I don't miss any of the clutter and I think I prefer the look of the simpler things too.

 A tray is my go to for almost decorating and especially a centerpiece. Start with a tray. Add some pretty flowers, a dishtowel and a candle. And that fruit that is in your fridge? Go ahead, take it out and put in your table and make sure everyone knows it is not "forbidden fruit" and should be eaten.

An Uncomplicated Centerpiece

It doesn't get much more uncomplicated than that! (photos by Zevy Joy) SaveSaveSaveSave]>>