So this is the story of how we decorated our Master Bathroom.

It is hard to believe that after two years of blogging, I have never shared my master bath – but today is the day (riveting I know!).

So, if you have been thinking about updating a bathroom in your house, I thought I would share a few thoughts to consider…

1. Paint the cabinets and the trim the same color.

Under those white cabinets are really ugly kind of peachy stained wood.

I blame pregnancy brain when I picked them.

When we renovated our home two years ago, the only changes in this room were adding the window and door trim (as we had through the house) and the box molding on the front of the tub.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Master Bath

But since we knew the peach cabinets had to go, when the painters did the trim – they kept going on the cabinets.

2. Use a darker and warm color to contrast with the lighter cabinets to add a bit of elegance.

There was a glitch on the painters’ part with the wall color, so we were forced to make a welcome change.

By painting this warm brown – it allowed the bathroom to feel a little more adult and less like there were kids in here all the time (which there are!).

3. Mix modern and traditional elements.

We changed the lighting to something more modern to contrast with the traditional elements.

We also changed the hardware to something a little sleeker and silver – which now blended well with our new faucets.


I also added a more modern silver mirror at the vanity area – and although it seems like a faux pas to mix the silvers with the gold of the star mirror – I actually think being unafraid to mix them is what works in this room.

5. Add architectural elements.

I found this piece at a yard sale many years ago – and I was just waiting for the right place to use it. It had some unfinished elements to it, but after trim and shelves were added to the top and the bottom, and then it was all painted out in the same trim color – it was the perfect piece for the wall.


I also made a roadside rescued footboard into a towel rack - you can read more about that here.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Master Bath

6. Include pieces that you LOVE.

I think sometimes we think “it’s just a bathroom – why would I put that in there?” – but we are there each morning, each evening. We primp and clean all the in between – why not fill it with things you love?

This mirror – I am so so so in love with.


Actually, The Nester helped me find it.

I had seen one exactly like it in a Paris flea market – and it haunted me. Then she made a beautiful one in paper, I commented about the one that haunted me, I sent her a picture – and she sent me a link to this one! Pretty amazing – what a small kind blog world it is!

Every time I look at it makes me smile and bring back fantastic memories.


7. Have a theme – but not really.

Everything here has a French connection.

The picture I took at a museum in Paris, the dress form was inspired by a full size one I saw in Paris, the box has the Arc de Triumph and the lady in the frame…Okay, I don’t know if she is French or not, but the black and gold frame and her image just seemed to fit perfectly.


So although there actually is a picture of a Paris landmark – it doesn't scream – FRENCH! It is a subtle connection of objects – all branching from the mirror.


The postcard in the frame is also a Paris scene.


The text on the picture is in French.


So without being “matchy”, don’t be afraid to bring in subtle common elements in your bathroom that create a specific mood and direction.

So, sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t have to mean a total overhaul – by applying these 7 ideas, you can make a big impact on a space we use so much.

I think the key to a space being desirable is for it to have meaningful things you can connect to - and not like a showroom - and I think this is true even in your bathroom?

I am sharing over at... shabby creek cottage

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Master Bath

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January 09, 2013 — Laura Putnam