I started the ten minute decorating series because I realize sometimes, that is all we have time for. Especially as we are at this point in the year when we are just trying to get things done! At the holidays, even more than the rest of the year, a bag of tricks of useful ideas that really can be done in 10 minutes is pretty valuable. I have gathered up my best group of ideas for you today and I hope they can make some of your holiday decorating and entertaining just a little bit easier.

Cranberry Vase Filler - I try to keep centerpieces low on our table so that my guest can actually see each other. I simply used clear glass vases, added cranberries, filled it with water and then tucked in a mixture of cedar and boxwood. This arrangement literally only takes minutes and holds for a few days so it can be done ahead of time. I lined up five vases on our table.


Chalkboard Table Runner - Okay, so writing out all of the words to The Night Before Christmas does in fact take more than ten minutes, but using chalkboard paper as a table runner is an easy and great looking idea. You could write out something much simpler or even leave it blank and let your guests fill it in. And best of all, when the meal is over, scoop it up and throw it away - no laundry neccessary.


Faux Fur Tree Garland - Pick up some faux fur fabric and cut it into strips and loop it around your tree. No sewing skills are needed and the end result is just pretty.


Ribbon Door Garland - Leave the pine roping at the store and just string up your favorite holiday ribbon. A few strategically placed Command Hooks and you will be good to go. These really only takes 10 minutes and I really like the simple look of it.


Rosemary Plant - Who says you have to use traditional Christmas greenery? Why not use something like a rosemary plant in a galvanized bucket? The added bonus is you can snip right off it for your cooking and you can leave it out long past Christmas. That is, as long as you don't forget to water it.

 Boxes and Bins of Greenery - This is one of my favorite ways to decorate at Christmas. It is simple, classic and quick. A money saving trick is to fill the box with crumpled newspaper first and then you only need to add a bit of greenery on the top. Drop in a few of your favorite ornaments and you are done.

 Tie Greenery on a Chair - I kept things pretty simple in our dining room this year but I couldn't resist adding this simple detail. I simply tied together some cedar with twine and tied it on the chair. I looped a simple ornament on as well.

 Chalkboard Ornament - no artistic skill needed. Through a few little tricks, this is made with contact paper and scrapbook letters and it just takes minutes.

 Sharpie Art Ornaments - I firmly believe that you can never go wrong with anything Sharpie art, so why not an ornament. And once again, no artistic ability is used thanks to a little trick with a decorative stamp.

 Fill Crates Under the Tree - Until the presents are under the tree, it can look a little sad and lonely. Why not group a few crates or bins filled with your favorite treasures? When it is time to add the presents in, the crates can easily be moved out of the way.

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