Pool-Area-Organizing-Ideas Welcome to this month's 10 minute ideas. This is the time when we share ideas for decorating or organizing your home that only take ten minutes. Because, sometimes, that is all we have time for. This month we are focusing on organizing ideas and I am sharing my ideas for organizing your pool area, vintage style. If you have a pool, towels are a big part of it. My first challenge was where to keep them all. We barely have room for bath towels in our closets inside so they were not going there. Plus, they are constantly being brought in and out of the house and running through the laundry. So, my perfect and quick solution is a market cart, or as lovingly refer to it, "an old lady cart". I have a second one that I use to go to flea markets and markets, but this one is used just for the pool area. I love that is extra quirky. Clearly, at some point in its life span, the handle broke. Some industrious person married this cart with a broken shovel handle and it is good to go. Now, if you are not lucky enough to find a vintage cart with a shovel for a handle, no worries. This one works great too. 10-Minute-Ideas-Pool-Organization We keep the cart in our playhouse / pool house, but it could just as easily be rolled into a garage when not in use. When we are out at the pool, we roll it out right next to us. When the day is done, we use it to gather up the wet towels, roll it in, do the laundry and then load it right back up. It has saved a lot of frustration and only took minutes to get into place. I also throw a bucket off the back for the pool toys. Which, at this point, are lacking. We pretty much destroyed everything by the end of last season and we are on the hunt for something new and fun. Do you have any suggestions or favorites? Vintage-Style-Pool-Organizing And since setting up this cart will take less than 1o minutes, I thought I would also share one more vintage idea. I use a vintage drying rack set up by the pool as well. In between jumps in the pool, towels can be hung to dry and used again. That of course is if they are not thrown in a hump on the ground. I wish I had a 10 minute idea for preventing that. Organizing-Pool-Towels Here are the rest of the great 10 minute organizing ideas from our team.

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