You know those people that you really love but you just don’t know what to buy for them?

Or do you have a group where you need to make a bunch of the same gifts – and quick?!

So I thought I would gather up some ideas of projects I have done that would make great gifts to give you some DIY gift ideas.

Here we go....

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Painted Canvas

This is one of my favorite projects – I just love this picture so much. I also did another Mod Podge project with photos that you might like as well.


This wreath tutorial can be adjusted for any season or decor colors and would make a great gift. You can also make smaller versions using this technique.


Making soy candles is super simple and a real easy project to do multiple gifts at a time.


I made this twine embroidered canvas for Valentine’s day, but it would make a great gift. You could use any word and it would be fun if you painted it as well.


Making your own crayons is a great project to do with kids for kids and get them part of the gift giving process.


Making your own goat’s milk soap is a gift that would work for almost anyone and also just as easy to make a bunch as it is to make one.


This yardstick arrow is a little more quirky but would be a really unique gift. I used a vintage yardstick, but you can use new ones and make them look old with some stain or dark wax.


Here are some ideas for reworking vintage jewelry into a new piece, perfect for gift giving.


You can never go wrong making custom Christmas ornaments.


And here is another DIY ornament option.


And if you need some ideas for gift wrapping here are few…

Buttons and Boxwood


Wood Slice Wreath and Snowman Gift Tags


DIY No Sew Gift Bag


I wish you happy gift making, gift wrapping and gift giving!


Thanks so much for reading!