You Never Know The Impact of Simple Kindness



Dana and I were recently talking and we realized it has been five and a half years since we started the renovations on our house.  It is hard to believe it has been that long already.

Whenever I think back to that time, I can’t help but think about what lead up to us deciding to renovate.  We had been pretty restless, still working on “finding home”.  Dana was traveling so much, his job was really stressful and we just weren’t sure that this is where we really wanted to stay.  We loved our house, but if we were going to stay, we were ready to make some changes and upgrades.



We knew we had a small window to move before the girls got much older and we had to decide.  Were we going to stay and renovate?  Were we going to stay in the area but buy another house?  Were we going to leave the area completely and move to a new state?  If we moved to a new state, where would we go?

Lots and lots of questions.  Hours of conversations and considerations.

It all came to head one Saturday at our local deli / convenience store.   My family had all come in to watch our daughters’ soccer games.  We had a couple of hours in between games and no food in the house.  While everyone else headed home, I headed to the deli to pick up sandwiches, drinks and snacks.   By the time I finished gathering up everyone’s lunch order, there were so many things piled up.   To help me out, hey loaded everything up in a box so I could carry it out.




As I headed out the door and towards my car with my  arms full, one person opened the door for me.  Then, a man from a nearby neighborhood saw me and rushed over, took the box out of my hands and carried it to my car for me.

A simple act of kindness.

I knew his name, Joe.  I knew where he lived and that he went to our church, but it really was just a casual acquaintance.

It was that simple act of kindness that changed everything for me.  By the time I completed the ten minute drive home to bring lunch to my family, I knew I didn’t want to move out of this community.  I realized that I had fallen in love with our quirky little community.   I realized that although, like all communities, it has flaws, it was the perfect place to raise our family surrounded by kind and generous people.




You already know how this story ends.  We decided to make this house work better for us and started planning our renovations.  And now, coming up on 15 years after we moved in, not only does this home house our family, but our family business as well.  What a beautiful journey we have been on.

And it all stayed on track with a simple act of kindness.

I have never told Joe that story.  Hopefully I run into him at the deli soon so I can tell him.

P.S. This post is brought to you by the beautiful colors of summer because currently everything here is the color of mud and I am tired of it!

P.P.S. Something bigger is at play here.  I was just finishing this post when I saw this come through.  Another beautiful simple act of kindness and words of encouragement that mean so much and have me all choked up here!


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14 thoughts on “You Never Know The Impact of Simple Kindness”


  1. What a beautiful story. I would love to live in a smaller town; when we built 10 years ago we had moved “out to the country” outside of Tampa, FL. But over the years the city has moved in and so has all the traffic etc that goes with it. I wanted to tell you I used your maple syrup I bought last fall from you on line in my ham glaze mixture for Easter. I put the ham in the crock pot and mixed a glaze of mustard, syrup and brown sugar – WOW was the exclamation from the family. Love the syrup and your blog!!! Thanks.

  2. Good Morning Laura ~
    I know how you feel, we live in a small town, and when we first moved 6 years ago my husband & I were walking into town, as we like to do. So many people said Hi to us, and we both knew this is where we belong.
    Now 6 years later we know so many of these people and would not change it for the world.

    Such a good story.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Laura! Thank you for the stunning pictures…the color here in Ohio today is a foggy gray so I loved them. Another thing I love is your story…it’s heart warming and proves that even in today’s world, dreams really do come true. It’s been so nice to finally “meet” you. Happy Spring! (p.s. Thank you for the link…it has me a little choked up too.)

  4. My thanks to both you and Ann, for the wonderful story and lovely maple cake recipe. Cheers, Ardith

  5. I too need some pretty colorful flowers outside – even though I love the cold & snowy weather! Thanks for sharing your “acts of kindness” story. It is a wonderful feeling when humans treat each other with kindness. I was out with my Mom yesterday (82 years old) getting new eyeglasses and her settled into an apartment after selling her home and we were treated especially kind by two employees – so nice to know some people take pride in their work and will go the extra step to help us. It really made my day – now I plan to go do an act of kindness too! Thanks Laura.

  6. Laura, I know what you mean about those simple acts of kindness. Sometimes when I get tired of my job, my house, etc., I think it would just be easier to just go somewhere else and start over – and then I go to choir practice. Or I meet a friend at the grocery store. Or any number of happenings – and I realize that my tiny little town is chock full of what I love, even if it IS 30 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this story – and the pics! It’s getting green here, but after a week of rain I’m ready for BLOSSOMS! 🙂

  7. You are spot on! The simple acts are the best hugs! I was so touched by a couple kind and chivalrous acts at Costco a couple weeks ago, I took to my blog about it ! Your images are beautiful!

  8. Hi Laura,
    Absolutely wonderful post. I, too, live in a small town in Ontario, Canada….28 years already. Even though my husband and I are at a point where we could be down-sizing, we’re in no rush to move. We love our home and where it is. (A 5 minute walk to Lake Simcoe). We can’t see the lake from our house though. You are so right about the “community” life-style. It’s so refreshing and a great comfort to be surrounded by people who take the time to be there for you……
    I also want to wish you and your husband continued success with your new business!
    Grey, raining, and just basically dismal here too. Already have bulbs for planting, but it’s only been a week since the snow melted. (Have to wait just a tiny bit longer….but I’m soooooo itching to get outside in the garden).
    Have a great week……Cheers! Judy Cholfe

  9. Another awesome post. Love your stories. Two of my favorite bloggers you and Ann because you both share from the heart. And thank you for the spring colors, especially the blue hydrangea.

  10. Another beautiful post Laura – thank you – always love the story behind the story. I so relate to this – the small and simple things – I’m a fan – they do the lions share of loving and changing people – God’s kinda work. Give me the small quiet things over the loud and “look at me” things any day. Small kindnesses – they keep company with you long after the loud and showy things have packed up and gone home. Thank you again