X-Ray Photo Canvas

Yesterday I finally shared the completion of my daughter’s room and now I am going to begin sharing how some of the projects came into place.

The first one I am going to share is the photo canvas that is above her desk.

blondie's room 136

blondie's room 165

This picture started like this…

Last November my hubby and I had an amazing opportunity to take a quick trip to Paris.

When we were there, we happened upon this…

Paris 2010 312

One of the bridges crossing the Seine had all these locks with messages on them.

We found some really fun ones likes this…

Paris 2010 309

And this….


Then, we happened upon this one that happens to be our girl’s initials.

Paris 2010 316

After we got home I went on Picnik. (picmonkey should have this now)  Are you familiar with them?  They are great site to do some fun things with your photos even if you don’t have a whole lot of knowledge in that area.  There are a lot of options you can use for no cost or you can pay a yearly fee for the Premium package that does have lots of options.

Even though I am getting more familiar with using Photoshop, I still often turn to Picnik for quick and easy changes.

In this case, I used a process called Neon under Edit – Effects.

If you look on the bottom left corner here, you can see once you choose you can move the circle along the color scale until you find something you like.  In this example, I chose a bright blue color.


The one that is in my daughter’s room came out like this.

neonmp2I then had it printed on an 8×10 wrapped canvas.  I wish I could remember who I used, but I don’t.  There are many options out there for having photos printed on canvas.

Once again, this is what it looks like in her room.

blondie's room 118

A fun way to add a little personalization to her room.

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7 thoughts on “X-Ray Photo Canvas”


  1. laura,
    heather ballard just posted on this same fence in paris last week. how unique – love how you incorporated it into your daughter’s room. a modern twist to oh pari’

  2. I’m already having Picnik withdrawels. I used their program all the time and now I am trying to figure out other free sources. I did notice that there are a lot of updates in photobucket. I am planning on getting photoshop soon and will try to figure that out with a few tutorials from my husband. He has been using Photoshop for eons since he’s a graphic designer.

    Your daughter’s room is gorgeous!