Who’s Your Betty?

I referred last week to my Betties.  I was able to get away for a few days and spend some time with them.
This a picture of me and my Betties.
band concert, julie visit, julie house 082 (me, Julie, Jackie and Kathy) 
Julie turned 40 yesterday.  We all reach 40 this year.  Julie was first. I am next.
band concert, julie visit, julie house 095
Why Betty?
I don’t know, it started in college.  Julie just started calling us all Betty and it stuck.  No we refer to ourselves collectively as “Betties”.
What makes a Betty a Betty?
Someone who…
has your back, no matter what.
makes you laugh until it hurts.
will clean your house and care for your children.
will keep your secrets.
who will tell your children stories about you.
will not tell your children most of the good stories until they are much older.
has a sixth sense when you need a call or a note to cheer you up or calm you down.
will listen to you rant and rave and get it out of your system.
will be there in whatever way you need them to be.
That is what we call it.  But I know we all have Betties, just of another name.
So, I ask you.
Who’s your Betty?
Life is short, surround yourself with people you love well and who love you well.
I didn’t get to Blissdom, but I certainly found some bliss.

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11 thoughts on “Who’s Your Betty?”


  1. What a wonderful post! You are so lucky to have such good friends. My Betties (and “Besties”) are my sisters Jen and Sarah. I have good friends as well, but no one knows me, supports me, understands me and completes me quite like these two. We laugh and we cry together, we have fun together and know what makes each other tick. We too have that "sixth sense" when it comes to each other. We’ve taken “sista trips” together, not as often as we’d like, but have made memories that will last our lifetimes. Like the spa and the cucumbers, the stolen red earrings and the afternoon we all fell asleep in the backyard pool at Jen’s summer home and spent the next 3 days tending to our beet-red, sunburned skin! No, the sun’s not really THAT hot! I’m grateful for them every day and I know that no matter what I go through, or they go through, good or bad, we’ll never go through it alone. I wish every woman I know could have a Jen and Sarah in the lives. I’m so blessed. Cherish your good friends. 🙂

  2. This sounds like so much fun. Love the term "Betties". Don't you just love those friends you can pick back up with where you left off no matter the time or distance?

  3. What a great post! I love my Betties! It is so good to laugh and just be yourself in front of those who love you no matter what! Although my best Betty moved far away we talk all the time! Love the term Betty btw!! 🙂