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So, schedules have been a little off kilter around these parts the last few weeks due to ice storms, snow storms (ok, supposed snow storms that never really came) and lots of snow days.  I decided that since I didn’t share a Findings post on Saturday, there was no reason why I couldn’t share one on a Wednesday.

Warning – there are no decorating or DIY projects here.  Just a bit of humor, sentimental heart pulls and the two greatest music videos of all time.


So pull up a cup of whatever suits you, and enjoy!

I absolutely love and adore this approach to parenting and to life.

Please tell me that none of these are your password!  If they are, please change them!

I think these images are really amazing.  I found it really interesting which side was the one I was more drawn to as being the dominant personality.

I shared this on my Facebook page – such a great story and a reminder to stick to what you believe in.

This music video is so amazing – really, I wasn’t all that into them before.  Now, I think I may be in love.  I have watched it more times than I am willing to admit and I keep having a little dance party in my head (and at my desk) to the song.

It is only topped, by the greatest music video of all time.  Oh, how times were different.

If you have been around a bit, you might remember that last year I was in charge of the costumes for the middle school play of High School Musical.  Well, that was just a warm up.  All of those clothes were normal clothes.  This year – we are doing The Little Mermaid.  We have mermaids, and fish and sea creatures galore.  You can’t really find those costumes at Target!  Or can you?

I am really just the coordinator and shopper, there are just over 110 various creature and land folk costumes this year.  There is an amazing team of seamstresses because we all know I can’t sew!  We are also lucky enough to borrow a few things from the high school costume closet and has been generous enough to offer us a discount.

But really, my job is about making those kids feel fabulous when they walk out on that stage – because each and every one of them really are.

And, if you want to read about being a drama mama and still one of my favorite posts as a momma, visit here.

And in personal Putnam news, we are so crazy excited – the Putnams are going to Europe this summer!!!  We have a vacation account that we have been saving and saving in and this is the year!   With all of the crazy international traveling hubby did over the years, we have LOTS of travel points (one of the perks) and we figure we will likely drain every last one.

We are painfully aware that we only have a few more summers before Sunshine goes of to college (ugh) and family vacations will be harder and harder.

We haven’t decided exactly where we are going to go, but we are going to plan it as a family.  We are trying to find that balance between seeing plenty and not go flat out and exhausting ourselves so much we miss the pleasure of it all.

So, do you have any recommendations, places we must see – especially those off the beaten path?  We would love to hear what you think!

Thanks so much for reading!


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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Findings”


  1. I love Europe! A family trip would be awesome. One of my favorite trips there was with my husband to Ireland. It is so beautiful. We got a local guide to drive us around for two days in his car. That is the way to go- you see things you will never see on a regular tourist tour. And of course, London- one of my favorite places on earth! So much to see, you could spend weeks there! I want to visit the Emma Bridgewater factory on my next trip!

  2. What a blessing to be able to travel aboard as a family! I’ve traveled with my daughter…we loved Italy. Stay away from the big cities. Stay away from the big hotels find flats or B and B’s to stay in.

  3. Your trip sounds wonderful. We did a great trip with our kids almost eight years ago and it is still talked about by all! I am sure you are going to take the girls to England and Scotland – but if you haven’t considered that, look into Tattoo and Festival that are held each year toward the end of July and first of August in Edinburgh and it is just such fun. There are street vendors and performers, plays, music performances and just lots of fun things to do and our kids loved it all. Tattoo is a military performance inside the castle grounds and it is so impressive and again, lots of fun. In England there is nothing like London as I am sure your husband knows and when you add in great towns like Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon and so many other amazing places there you can’t go wrong. The train allows you lots of flexibility to get from place to place without having to rent a car and you meet such great people on trains. Whatever you decide to do, it will be fun and a memory your family will NEVER forget! Enjoy!!!

  4. Sounds like an exciting trip! Before you go and if you have time read this amazing historical novel, Katherine by Anya Seton. It’s a historical romance but the places described in this book are some you may not want to miss while touring England. It is my dream to take this trip with my daughter, who also shares my love of this amazing book!

  5. I love reading your findings, decor related or not, you just have great taste and I’m pretty sure we are like minded! Excited for you and your Europe trip! I will live vicariously through you as you share your plans. 🙂