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If it has seemed like things have been a little quiet around here, it is because we have working behind the scenes to bring you lots of new things.  And today, we are bringing you a big one.

We have changed our name and or web address.  We will always still be Finding Home, but we are also Finding Home Farms and our web address is now Findinghomefarms. com.

Why the change?

So many reasons.  But truthfully, the biggest one is that our old url was just terrible.  Back when I started my blog, I was unable to get findinghome.com.  So, I tried to come up with a variation.  At the time, Design Sponge was designspongeonline.com.  I figured if it was good enough for Grace Bonney, it was good enough for me.  So I went for it and named our site findinghomeonline.com.

Big mistake.

It confused people, was hard to remember and just looked weird.

We tried and tried to get findinghome.com.  And then, we tried some more. The frustrating thing is the person who owns it has kept the site inactive for years.  But, it is is his, so we had to move on.

The reality is we are a farm now.  A maple farm.  We are officially an Ag business it just seemed to make sense.  It feels comfortable and right.

So we are now findingputnam.staging.wpengine.com.





Everything else is the same and even if you forget and go to findinghomeonline.com, you will still get to the right place.  We have everything forwarding to the new address.

So help us spread the word!  We are so proud to be Finding Home Farms!

Thanks so much for reading!


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Welcome to Finding Home Farms where we share our favorite DIY and decorating ideas and inspiration. We believe your home should be a reflection of you and your family. Our blog is the story of our journey - and what we find along the way. Thanks for joining us!

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10 thoughts on “We Have a New Name & Address – Finding Home Farms”


  1. Congratulations!! I really like the name — it sounds like a business but welcoming. Sometimes things just happen for a reason, like the name you wanted being taken. When I first started the blog I wanted it “Our Way” but it was taken so we tried variations but I really like how it ended up “All Our Way” is unique. With Our Way people might have mistaken it for the song. So I figure we both came out ahead! The name suits your family. Have a wonderful day.

  2. The time I got a new last name I got married. Seems ya’ll have married your home and business so very appropriate. has a lovely ring to it.

  3. No matter what you choose as a name, your website “rocks!” I don’t think the name reigns, although it is important from a marketing standpoint, once you visit the site, YOU’RE HOOKED!

  4. Just fine tuning your branding. An excellent choice with your love of all things farmhouse. It has been so exciting to watch your path on this journey. Your last year has been so inspiring and amazing! Farm just seems to be perfect.