Vintage Brass and Lavender Easter Tablescape

Vintage-Brass-and-Lavender-Easter-Tablescape-Table-Setting copy

 Once again, Easter seems very early this year.  It seems like we should be in floral dresses and light sweaters, but it is just as likely that we will be in winter coats and boots.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it seem light and springy inside!

Sometimes I try to come up with something new for each season, but this year, I think I am going to turn to one of my favorites.  A few years ago I create a vintage brass and lavender Easter tablescape and that is the direction I am going to this year as well.

By not stressing myself out with buying new things, and just using what I already have or already made, I will be able to enjoy the real purpose of the holiday so much more.

Keeping us focused on what is really important.

Keeping us focused on time with family and friends.

Now, this table setting is a little more formal than I usually do – using a charger, vintage lace napkins, our wedding china, silver and crystal.  I also used some more formal and traditional brass candlesticks.

 Easter Vintage Brass Table Setting

But as a whole, for me it is all about pairing the casual with the formal.  The casual on this table is the brass bunnies, dried lavender and the eyelet lace.

The contrast of the traditional side of the brass with a sweet little bunny is right in touch with my sense of humor.

And, there is just something about eyelet lace that says spring to me, warm weather ahead. In fact, I so excited to see it has made its way to all of this year’s spring clothes, you can be sure I will be wearing some if it.


And this is where my faux brass eggs ended up, down the center, and with a small slit cut in some of them to hold a place card.

And the dried lavender, besides smelling amazing allows my center display to stay awhile because it won’t wilt – and can be reused, always a plus.


The older I have gotten, the less I have felt the need for holidays to be grand and formal.  I have realized more and more it is about relaxing and enjoying the day – as hard as that can sometimes be.

Easter-Vintage-Brass-Lavender-Table-Setting copy

Strangely, I am actually feeling a little bit excited about planning the menu for Easter this year and I am considering trying some new things.

Easter Table Setting at Finding Home

The good news is we already have a beautiful table to start from, so if my “experiments” go badly, at least the table will be pretty.

Do you have any secret family recipes you make for Easter?   I would love some inspiration.

Thanks so much for reading!


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42 thoughts on “Vintage Brass and Lavender Easter Tablescape”


  1. Laura what a beautiful table setting you have created. I love the look of the soft brass colour along with white and lavender. It looks very English to me for some reason and not the traditional pastels we see. Beautiful!!

  2. This is also my wedding china! I am SO happy that I went with this choice years ago because I feel like it can be mixed and matched with so much as is timeless. Thanks for inspiring me with pieces I already have! 🙂

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! I am loving anything gold right now and this is just perfect. The lavender is such a nice touch:)

  4. Laura, this is just so pretty and unique! And as I just looked at for a second time, I realized we have the same silverware. It looks so lovely the way you used it!

  5. I also love eyelet…the table is beautiful. I always make my mom’s rice pudding for Easter, just like she did 🙂

  6. Just beautiful! Classic with a little bit of whimsey! I love the bunnies and the eyelet lace table cloth. Did you buy that somewhere or make it? I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a tablecloth in eyelet lace? It has such a sweet tone to it. I could surely see rice pudding being served! Have a blessed Easter.

  7. Simply stunning! I love the lavender in the white pitchers paired with the brass! Seems very french to me. Simple, elegant and not stuffy! LOVE!

  8. This table is stunning. Would you mind sharing your golden eggs? Are those purchased as is or did you make them?

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      1. The china is from Noritake – Chandon. That is my wedding china. 25 years ago. I really should use it more. It is stored away in a cabinet.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful table Laura!…I so love how you incorporated the brass elements and the color and texture of the lavender…how wonderful the scent must be at the table. Going to follow your lead and see if I can paint some golden eggs and bunnies….

  11. Laura,
    Your table is so pretty and welcoming. We are in the mood to get the house to feel like Spring. time to put away the winter reminders.

    I do have some small white ceramic bunnies with flowered collers out already and a Egg House village in the sunroom baywindow. Now if the view outside wasn’t so icky….


  12. Gorgeous table! I have to agree it is about the day. Our house is very casual, but this table setting is making me think about some bunnies on the table. Your brass ones are so cute. But what I am really smitten with are those adorable lace napkins! Beautiful!

  13. Well done, love the eyelet and lavender especially. Now you’ve got me hoping that underneath that huge snowbank out there my lavender is still trucking along, and getting set to bless me with massive growth this summer. : )

  14. This is a lovely table, Laura…your guests are going to feel very special! That’s what drives me to go out of my way when I have a dinner. I love the sweetness of the lavender and eyelet napkins. Everything looks so pretty!

    I try to come up with a few surprises each holiday, too. In addition to the old standbys or else someone goes crazy!! 😉

    Jane xx

  15. I just love white and gold and old brass, but your addition of lavender just makes me say, “Ah!” I’ll probably be re-using my theme from last year’s tablescape to save time and money and enjoy our day, too…..I just can’t seem to keep up with all the posting and work behind it, lately and have lost touch with many because of it.
    Enjoy your beautiful setting and day!