Tutorial: How to Plan a Gallery Wall

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When I put together the gallery wall in my guest bedroom, I kind of just went for it.  But, when I put together the wall in my kitchen, there were several conditions that required it to have a little more planning – a limited defined space and two things that needed to be in a stud.

So, I came up with a system for creating an arrangement that worked and that I would love over time.

I used the floor as my planning ground – right in front of where it was going to be hung – using a tape measure to create a sense of how much vertical space I had available.

This is one of the many versions I considered before I finalized what I ended up using.

   Planning a Gallery Wall

Next I used painters tape and brown paper to figure out placement.  I had to build off of the “Open” sign because the hook needed to be in a stud and I had to work around the light switch.

I traced each item on the brown paper, cut them out and then moved everything around until I came up with the placement I was happy with.

Gallery Wall Tutorial

The green tape on the bottom is to represent the top of the table that was going there.

And then I began hanging things piece by piece until it was all hung.

The open space on the top left is for the area I knew I wanted to be able to change out on top of the shelf.

How to Plan a Gallery Wall

I left the arrangement on the floor for about a week, tweaking and checking each time I walked past.

Although that was a pain – especially since it is the main traffic path in our home, it was worth it to feel confident before putting larger holes in the wall.

Gallery Wall Tutorial

Now that it is all complete, I love it and feel it is a great addition to our home.

The shelf and the area above the shelf will be an area that I can change out with the seasons, holiday or as the wind blows!

Vintage Collected Gallery Wall

If you are looking for tips and ideas on how to hang all of these items, please visit here.

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14 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Plan a Gallery Wall”


  1. I love your gallery wall – especially the family pictures! They are so different – my boys are camera shy, but I think I could get them to do this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really like this idea of a “gallery” wall. I have some empty space between two windows that I have been looking for something to do with it. I like this much better than my previous idea. Don’t be surprised if I comment next Monday saying this post has been featured. 🙂

    Anestazia @ Eccentric Delirium

  3. Great tips Laura. Thanks. I really like the idea of working on the floor first. and the visual aid of the table on the wall using table. It’s brillant.

  4. I rearrange my gallery on the floor, too. I do tend to skip the brown paper on the wall, though.. (Of which my holey walls can attest to…) Love your finished arrangement. (Especially the horizontal wooden shelf.)

  5. Love the finished gallery wall though I I would add a step in the planning stages – prior to putting templates on the wall mark where each of the nail placements should be directly on the brown paper templates (put the paper directly on back of each frame and feel around to where the nail would go and place a black marker mark at that spot. Not all frames have the same nail hole placement and this step saves a lot of stress). Then hammer all nails directly in their spots once all templates are in their proper place on the wall. Take a picture, and then remove the templates to leave only the nails ready for hanging. Hang frames according to picture taken. A bit more planning but less stressful in the long run.