Turn Back for Pie


I have a really good post for you today.

In my head.

I will write it next week. Pinky promise.

Do you mind waiting?  I hope not.

I am a Momma, wife, dog Momma, sister, daughter, friend, cousin, blogger, decorator and volunteer.

And some of the time, I manage the ebbs and flow of balancing it – and sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes my house is in a total stay of disarray.

Sometimes, my sweet Bailey Rose gets attacked by what we think was a groundhog and needs stitches, a full day at the vet, medicine and lots of extra love.

(She is doing much better by the way, thank you to all who sent her good wishes on Facebook and Instagram.)


Sometimes, the trees run so well and we get so much sap that this is our reality…


Accept that the order is off, sleep is definitely last.

So for all of you who may be feeling the same this week, I say let’s give ourselves a break and make this our philosophy for the week…


Oh, and a few weeks ago, I shared about how my younger daughter had an amazing experience with her school play and all that it taught me.

Well tonight and tomorrow night is my older daughter’s play.  Would I be asking too much to ask you to say a little prayer for her that she walks away feeling like she did her best and had fun doing it?

Thanks – you guys are the best!

Wishing you a weekend filled with pie!


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8 thoughts on “Turn Back for Pie”


  1. Absolutely will pray for your girl… I know all too well the joy / anxiety of performing (and for the Momma who is praying from the audience!). Hope she has an amazing time and feels a sense ofaccomplishment that all the hard work pays off.

    Glad Bailey is ok, our pups are part of our family, so sad when they aren’t themselves.

  2. Consider her prayer said. I am sure she will do fine and make everyone proud. Sorry to hear about Baily Rose. I hope she is feeling better. Enjoy your time with your family this weekend. They grow up so fast! Enjoy every moment you have the privlidge to share with them. All the love and memories you provide them with will last forever, and when they are grown you will reap the satisfaction and benefits of being the person and mother you wanted to be. I promise! Have a great weekend!

  3. Laura… Bailey and my Gypsy could be twins! So sorry to hear about that mean old groundhog. Enjoy your weekend filled with your daughter’s play. Take a snapshot in your head… that’s what I always do to remember the best times with my girls!! They’re not so crazy about my camera!

  4. Great post Laura. I feel like this all the time. Unfortunately my blog suffers the most, but I stopped beating myself up over it and accept that something’s gotta give. Hope your daughter did great, but whatever the outcome, you tell her I said she’s a Rockstar!!