Transitional Style & a Giveaway to Refresh Your Style

I am not sure if I know exactly when I first fell in love with decorating my home.  I do remember my first apartment on my own, having an absolutely horrible looking couch that was handed down to me that I had to cover with floral sheets.  I could not stand having a ugly brown couch in the center of my apartment.  I had to make it feel pretty and comfortable.

Back then my style was completely dictated by what was given to me.  Over time, I have found my style evolving into what it is today.  However, it is always changing, always mixing and transitional.

I love mixing old with new, metals with wood and colors that not everyone would agree on being combined.  Who says you can’t have a library ladder without the library?  When it all comes together, my main goal is my home to feel welcoming and comfortable.

I shared with you the other day about my friend KariAnne’s new book The DIY Style Finder.  In it, she shares my home along with her own and three other bloggers to help you get a sense of your decorating style.  With each home, she shares one of five different styles to help provide you some direction on your own style.  But this book is more than that.  There are DIY projects, tips and advice to help guide you in your personal style.

You can even get a jump start on your style plan by taking a fun style quiz (and getting another look at this beautiful book) by clicking HERE.  I took it and came out 67% transitional with a little bit of traditional and coastal added in.  I think that is the best part.  You style does not have to be all one style.  You can have pieces from here and there.  The quiz helps give you some direction, and then the book helps you figure out how to execute it.

And it gets even better! To celebrate launch week, each of the featured bloggers are giving away prize packages, each valued at around $400, and filled with decor items that match the styles in the book.

I find when I refreshing the style in my house, I start with my mantel.  It has always been my way.  I love to use it as a launch point for color, feel and direction.  And I thought maybe you would like to do the same!    I chose my items to help refresh your mantel (or shelf/wall) add a little to your coffee table and freshen up your pillows.

Today, you can enter to win my Transitional-themed prize pack. Just follow the simple instructions in the form below.

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Follow along all week as we celebrate launch week together and you can enter each giveaway until Friday, March 15th.

You can order The DIY Style Finder here

Visit These Blogs and Enter to Win!

Monday, March 4: Thistlewood Farms

Tuesday, March 5: Rooms for Rent

Thursday, March 7: Our Fifth House

Friday, March 8: StoneGable

Best of luck and thank you for stopping by!

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77 thoughts on “Transitional Style & a Giveaway to Refresh Your Style”


  1. Woo-hoo! How exciting to see this book AND your giveaway!!! I’m apparently 50% farmhouse, 30% coastal, and 20% traditional. I’ll have to think about that for a while.

  2. My style is transitional too. I like to mix it up with some traditional, some contemporary, etc. My decor is currently transitioning as I update older pieces with newer, fresher items. It’s always a work in progress.

  3. Hmmm… I was Farmhouse with a bit of Traditional and Coastal. I did find it hard to answer some of the questions, as what I’m DRAWN to, what WORKS for my family, and what we HAVE aren’t necessarily the same. I think my home is still largely influenced by what I’ve inherited, and my reluctance to ever get rid of anything. That might need to change.

  4. Congrats on being on the bloggers in DIY Style Finder… you must be thrilled! I took the quiz a couple weeks ago, and I major in Farmhouse and Coastal… about the same amount. 😉 Thanks for offering this giveaway. Lovely items!

  5. I’m definitely transitional with a little country cottage thrown in! I received my copy of the book yesterday and have already read the whole thing!

  6. I find I am combination of styles and I try to blend them all into one happy home. I would love the win the giveaway prizes!

  7. I’ve already received my copy of the book and can’t wait to dive in. Your blog is new to me, and since I lean toward transitional style, I look forward to following!

  8. I love the idea that your family is doing this whole lifestyle change today. Have followed your blog/instagram posts for a while now.

  9. Congratulations on being featured in this amazing book! After taking the quiz, I found that I identify with the transitional style too! I enjoy your blog and look forward to visiting your maple farm this spring.

  10. I’m a traditional, I also love to decorate my home with warm touches and inspiration to make my guests feel welcome

  11. My style is farmhouse and traditional. I like classic pieces, but also the look of wood and writing on barnwood.