Totally Annoying

Okay, I am going to say it.

My husband is totally annoying.

He is so focused on his fitness goals, he eats all healthy and exercises every day.

Totally annoying.

Right now he is eating plain Greek yogurt and I am planning on getting up and eating leftover meatballs and probably sneak another snowball cookie.

cookies 004

Why are they still here?  Haven’t I eaten enough of them already for them to be gone?

When I say he is exercising, I mean at the extreme level.  Last fall he completed his first marathon.

Sale and marathon 177

He had a lot of problems with his ankle and knees while training.  His doctor told him, get through it, but then take several months off.

So his replacement?  P90X!

Yeah, I know, we have all watched the commercials.  Of course these were all watched late at night when the best thing I could be doing for my health is get some SLEEP.  I am absolutely horrific about watching stupid and ridiculous television, late at night, when I should be sleeping.  Late night E is also the reason I know way too much about celebrity gossip and the Kardashian family.  Yup, I am ashamed to admit it, but it is the truth.

Not to brag, but as annoying as he is, he also looks amazing.  As I watch him eating his Greek yogurt, standing by the sink, his calves are pretty fabulous.  I will be discreet and not tell you too much about the rest of his body, but lets just say, it works.

But for him, it is really not about how he looks.  Most people wouldn’t even notice the dramatic changes.

For him, it is psychological, pushing himself REALLY hard and the satisfaction that comes with that.

He is also the type of person who needs the outlet of physical exercise.  He is a bit like a caged animal when he doesn’t get it.


So is this post really just about telling you how annoying my husband is?

No, of course not.  The truth is that he is inspiring.  I have found him annoying because I am jealous.  I have not been in the same frame of mind as him.  I exercise regularly, but I have not pushed myself enough to get the results that I want.

I am very unlikely to do P90X, frankly, it scares the poop out of me.

But I do want to up my game, feel better about myself, and lets face it, have my pants feel a little more comfortable.

And the reality is, even if it is old fashioned, I would like to look better for him as well as myself.  Well if that is putting myself out there, I don’t know what is.


So, as we all do, I am starting out the new year with fitness goals.  But as well, I am going to work to eat better, set a better example for my kids and cook meals that are more in line with my husband’s goals.

But, I am not going to lie, right now, I am going to go eat some meatballs.

But maybe I will hold off on the cookies.

Update: Totally ate a cookie.  I may need to throw them away!

Also, you should know, I checked for hubby’s okay before I told the world he was annoying!  He gets my humor, hopefully you do too!

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19 thoughts on “Totally Annoying”


  1. Men are always annoying in small ways and sometimes large ways, but never more so than when they shape up and loose weight at 10 times the pace a woman can.. grrrrrrrrrrrr lol

  2. How nice that your husband can support you in your effort to be healthy. I am starting a new routine also. It is so much easier for me to grab that cookie just because it’s there. I actually froze the last of the Christmas goodies so they wouldn’t be staring me in the face. Good luck with your new goal.

  3. Meatballs, the breakfast of champions! Lol! I’m right there with you in starting a workout routine, but not till next week. After having the hubs and my four kids home for the past two weeks, I need a few days to unwind and putter around the house and get it back in order.

  4. Loved this post! Most husbands are annoying in some way 😉 I am totally with you on the eat well/fitness front. I will do something this year – today I turned down a double chocolate chip cookie fresh from the bakery whilst at work, that’s a start right….!?!

  5. Mine is annoying too! He eats healthy, works out, etc. As for me, I drink way too much Diet Coke and would prefer a piece of cake for breakfast (although I rarely get that!) But, I do plan to get back in the swing of things in 2012.

    Here’s hoping that we both do better in 2012!

  6. Too funny!!!!!!!!!! We should be best friends!! LOL Although I am much older than you, 52! Our husbands sound soo much alike. He does shawn T which is alot like the PX workout. He has so much drive and determination. I plug away at a spin class at the Y, which nearly kills me. I do enjoy how I feel after though. I am so thankful he takes care of himself and he is a great motivator for me when all I want to do is snuggle on the couch!

  7. Ok…..I TOTALLY hear you, Laura. I’m annoyed, too! My husband lost 15 pounds over the summer by eating less and staying active. He’s 65. He looks fabulous. Calves? Yeah, his legs are more shapely than mine. AGH! On the other hand…(or thunder thigh)….I gained 20 pounds over the past 4 years and I’m 53. Double AGH! So… my new year’s resolution (and because there’s only 70 days til our vacation in FL, I’m back on the treadmill or elliptical 4-5 days/week, cutting way back on carbs, and trying to stay away from sweets. Blech…..I don’t like it, but I’ve got to do it. Once I get my lazy rear running, I’m fine. I’m actually enjoying running again like I used to. Right now, I’m just on it for about 40 mins (run/walk) hoping to eventually to get back to running continually for that long. I want to call myself a RUNNER and I want to be able to tuck my tees into my jeans instead of wearing them over my belt to hide my rolls 🙁 and I want to feel more confident in my tankini come summertime. So…you’re not alone, sweetie! Let’s do this together!

    xoxo laurie

  8. ROFL…your husband and my husband should start a bowling league…or at least have t-shirts printed up. I can totally relate. My husband is a MACHINE. Up every day, EVERY DAY at 4:30, does an hour to an hour and a half of workout. Then works a demanding job, then comes home and sometimes works out more. I could have every one of his “temptation” foods on the counter everyday and if he’s training, he just won’t eat them. Just completely ignores them. I mean WHO DOES THAT? I’m pretty sure he’s an alien. He looks photoshopped. And me? Well. I do NOT. LOL!

  9. I can so relate! My husband was diagnosed with diabetes about two years ago. So… he got back in shape and has since completed and IRONMAN! I on the other hand sometimes walk the dogs 🙂

  10. I was laughing and nodding my head reading this post because I can sooooooo relate! My husband exercises every day without fail and is a more healthy eater than I am. He is so disciplined and I am NOT! Let’s just say we weigh about the same and I should weigh waaaaaay less than he does. I am working on it though…2012 is my year to lose weight!

  11. Too funny!!!!!!! They can all be a little annoying in the same way it seems. Mine goes to the gym all the time and eats healthy pretty much. He will however ask for some cookies to be made and then eat two and leave the rest for me to eat lol. If it wasn’t so cold and I wasn’t so busy making cookies I would probably go to the gym too.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful post.

  12. That is too funny! I started running/walking at my hubby’s work’s gym about three day a week. After that I go get myself a Chai Latte from Starbucks, non-fat of course. 😉 I figured I love to eat, alot, so hopefully that running/walking will cancel out the food but I do know that I need to puch myself better and actually get results that I dream of. I tried P90X and I didn’t walk for a week, no lie! My husband had to come upstairs to help me down them. LOL!! So I think I will try something else. 🙂
    So funny about the cookie, hey, you deserve it, you made the first step towards your goal by setting it, in my book that deserves a cookie. 😀

  13. I totally get your humor!! I am living the same situation. My husband gets up every morning at 4:30 a.m. to work out and I get mad if the noise wakes me up!

  14. Your post is hilarious! I am agreeing with you (as I just finished my bowl of sugar crisp)! My husband is always running and all I am doing is running our kids around LOL! You are right though….awesome inspiration.

  15. Love this post! It was as if I was writing it myself! My husband is annoying too! 🙂 Since the new year, he has started P90X 2 and is eating mostly a plant-based diet. Me…..well, I haven’t found my mojo yet to get back into an exercise routine (I have taken a looong break since Thanksgiving) and I can’t stay out of the Dove chocolate candies left over from Christmas.

  16. This post made me giggle…. Mainly because I married one of those guys. My husband is so motivated! But he’s always telling me, once you start that thing you’ve been thinking about you’ll wish you had been doing it all along.

  17. No no no, what you do is put the cookies in the freezer; and when you’ve reached a goal, reward yourself with one. 🙂 I’m not going to knock myself out crazy trying to get fit, but I did invest in a pedometer, and enjoy seeing how many miles I can walk in a day.