The Quiet of Winter

Finally, everything is put away from Christmas.  I know, it should have been done a week ago.  My daughter came home from school today and said “Mom everything is so simple but I like it”.

She is right.  I like when all the Christmas stuff is away.  I don’t like putting away.  But I like that it is simple.

I thought I would share with you how our family room has come together.

Starting with our mantle…

Winter Family Room 116

I decided to keep the mirror for now.  I think in the winter, the reflection of light is priceless.  By the way, there is a fire in there.  But I made it and it is lame.

I used natural elements, mixed with the silver for a contrast.

Winter Family Room 088

I placed a glass cloche on a branch slice and filled it with a dollar store bird and some wintery elements.

Winter Family Room 092

I left the evergreens in the silver containers from Christmas.  Amazingly, they are still alive.  My indoor thumb is not very green.  I figured if they were willing to still be alive, I would embrace that.

Winter Family Room 096

Next to the fireplace I used my textile bin, that was holding a Christmas tree, to hold firewood for my lame fire.  I did keep it going all night and all by myself thank you very much.

Winter Family Room 056

I placed pinecone and old doorknobs in a old galvanized baking pan.

Winter Family Room 057

I will share more tomorrow.

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Have a great one!


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18 thoughts on “The Quiet of Winter”


  1. I agree with you. My home came home when I was done undecorating and said woah! the house is empty! I too like it that way for ummm about 30 minutes! 🙂 Your home is beautiful, as always!

  2. Hi I am a new follower~ I found you on the link party and just wanted say that I absolutely love what you did with your mantel~ so pretty!

  3. It looks really pretty Laura! I love the simple right after Christmas, things start to become too close after a while. Your natural elements are perfect and I love the pinecones and door knobs! Brilliant!

    Your fire isn't lame my friend, as long as it burns you are doing just fine! 🙂 Hubby "taught" me the other night about how to start a fire, he thinks I am dork! I just nod my head and let him talk! 🙂

  4. You sure do have a special touch with mantels…I have looked at all of yours and they are all OUTSTANDING!!!!


  5. Oh, I love it. Can you come decorate my mantle! I can't get it right! 😉 I love that ladder–where did you get it?

  6. Just beautiful! I love the simplicity, especially the bird under the dome, I love decorating with birds (uh, fake ones). BTW, I'm a lame fireplace starter myself.

  7. I just found you via The Shabby Nest and I'm so glad I did. I love your mantlescape and your personality really shines through in your post. You sound like a "tell it like it is" kind of lady (just like me). I especially love the part about your "lame" fire. It made me feel like I was reading a note from an old friend.

    ~ Robyn