The Old Painted Cottage of the Month

I have long been a reader and fan of Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage.

I am sure you are familiar with her amazing and unique home.

So you can only imagine how excited I was when she asked me to be the July “Cottage of the Month”.


Stop on by to visit the tour and you can also see all of the homes she has featured in the past.

Hope you are all getting ready for a great week!

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14 thoughts on “The Old Painted Cottage of the Month”


  1. I popped over and saw the tour…could not find a place to comment…so I shall comment here…..Laura…your home is jaw dropping, drop dead gorgeous!!….I have seen snipits of your home, but not in it’s entirety…your home, the property, everything is gorgeous!!
    I want to go over it again to get it all in….now, I think I told you that my hubby just loves the baseball bat flag…I cannot even tell you what my favorite part of your home is because I love it all…and that porch off the pool…magnificent!

  2. Hi Laura!
    I discovered your blog through Cottage of the Month – what a beautiful feature! I grew up in Orange Cty NY, on Orange Lake and went to Wallkill Schools until high school when we moved to Bergen Cty NJ. 35 years later and I STILL miss “the country” !!!

    Your home is beautiful – thank you for sharing it with us and giving me a small of touch of my “old home”….


  3. Found you through Cottage of the Month – you have a beautiful home, so many unique accessories. I’ll keep visiting!!

  4. CONGRATS on being COTM!!!!!! Your home is gorgeous and you have such a flair for decorating! I so enjoyed looking at all of your pictures and will be back to visit some more! Happy 4th!


  5. I’m visiting from The Old Painted Cottage. Your home is absolutely beautiful and I love how you have incorporated so many vintage items into your decor. Every room is perfection and very inspiring! Have a wonderful week.

  6. Congratulations Laura! It’s a lovely photo spread. Very nice 🙂

    adb in DC

    PS- Jean and Mina say hello!

  7. i was over at old painted cottage and saw your home recognized it right away. your my favorite when ever i peep at your home it give me energy and inspiration to get off my computer and get going on my own home. anyway i got to see your outdoor space its amazing. i love your ideas. thanks for making me happy.

  8. You have such a beautiful home. I am so very impressed with how you use old things and they never look scary and dirty. Every time I try to buy vintage things I can’t help but imagine old, long-dead people watching me suspiciously as I handle their belongings. I have to admit I spent a long time looking at the close-ups to see what in the world a person would put in an old wooden crate. Very inspiring!

  9. Omigosh Laura this is so exciting! Not sure how I missed this as I am always going over there to see the new cottage. I guess I’ve been busier than I thought! So happy for you and not at all surprised that you were chosen. I’ve said it before, you are my absolute favorite blog, favorite decor, favorite style hands down. Congrats!

  10. Laura:
    Just wanted to say that your home is beautiful. I enjoyed looking at it so much and congratulations for being selected for COTM!
    I have always loved decorating since I was a kid and it is my favorite pastime. You certainly have a flair for classic and vintage combined. Have a nice day!
    Susan M.