Ten Things I learned from The Little Mermaid



1. “Though she be but little, she is fierce” – Shakespeare clearly knew what he was speaking of.

2. My girl has more style and grace then even I realized.  And she is really funny.  All these years later, I am still learning more and more about her and learning to leave more of it in her hands.

3. Working with 60 something middle school students for the last few months as the costume coordinator was a joy.  I guess it was a little easy for me because I always got to be the “good cop”.  Getting to know these kids a little bit better was a gift – and when some of them left me the final night with heartfelt hugs, I felt very blessed.  In the end, the costume is secondary.  It is about each kid knowing and believing how amazing they really are.  And of course, never forgetting that We Are All in this Together



4. Never underestimate the abilities and capacity of  ninety or so 11, 12, 13 and 14 year olds.  The entire production of The Little Mermaid, Jr. was performed and coordinated by the students.  From the lights, to the sound, to the intricate moves of the sets on stage to the actors – it was all them.  And as I thankfully learned so long ago, teenagers are not all evil.

5. Never underestimate the abilities of three talented directors put together for a bigger cause.  The main director, music director and technical director on this production are three of the most gracious, kind and capable women you will ever meet.  Even being at rehearsals as often as I was, I still do fully comprehend how they put all of the pieces and parts to create such an amazing outcome.




6. Never underestimate the abilities and generosity of community members.  From the community members who helped build sets, who showed up each day to corral the students, to running the house crew and concession stand and raffles, to the donations to the show, our community showed up in great form.

7. Never underestimate what a drama program can do if they are supported by the administration and the school board.  I am so thankful that our school supports drama programs at all four of our schools.  I missed one show this year due to the flu in our house, but I can’t wait to see the final show of the season at the high school.



8.  I am so thankful that even though I had spent weeks and weeks at the school, I never saw the whole show and all of its glory until I sat in the audience for the opening night.  It was beautiful and joyful.  To hear the reaction from the audience, from the laughter at just the right points to the applause, was magical.




9. If you put on a great show, you will sell out the house!

10. I will look back on these days and be SO thankful I got to be part of this with my girl.  Seriously, she blew me away.  So many people took the time to tell me and her how much they loved her performance.   I don’t think we could ask for more than knowing people liked what she did and that she felt proud of her performance.

And that my friends, is a wrap!

If you want some photo tips, you can read What I Have Learned Photographing My Children on Stage.

Thanks so much for reading.


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14 thoughts on “Ten Things I learned from The Little Mermaid”


  1. Beautiful, amazing, surprising, my favorite. How I would describe your young lady, Flounder 🙂

    Also, good points about letting go. The arrow only flies when let go, as I am constantly reminding myself.

    Lovely post.

  2. What a beautiful post. When given the chance, kids can do amazing things. One day, should she be feeling down for whatever reason, just show her your words here!

  3. You will look back at this time with pride and joy for years to come. My daughter was in a high school production of Beauty and the Beast 9 years ago. I also helped with costumes, sets , chaperoning and a little bit of everything. I got to know those kids so well during the months of preparation and the week of the play. I was so sad when it was over and I still tear up a little bit when I hear one of those songs. After a few years of trying different colleges and working different jobs she has decided music is her passion. She is in her last year of music school and we drive 3 hours to see most shows that she is in. I don’t know what life will hold for her, but I am proud that she is following her dreams. Your beautiful daughter’s joy shines through in the pictures.

  4. Theater is just so, so fun! Fun for the kids and fun for the parents and FUN for the people who come to watch. So happy for your Flounder!

  5. I am so impressed with that little girl. She played her role with such grace and confidence it left me awe struck. You should also pat yourself on the back for being such a great mom.
    The Momma

  6. How awesome! Just the look on her face shows her talent and love for the show!

    My son, who is 22 now, did all of the shows in elementary through college. We loved every minute of it!

  7. Nothing makes the heart swell with pride more than the accomplishments of your children ! I’m there with my grandchildren now !

  8. Dear Laura,
    Be proud that you saw the show through from the beginning with your sweet girl. Neither of you will ever forget.
    Be happy that she wanted you there as much as you were glad she was there with you.
    Be confident that you have shared an experience with your child that most families never experience.
    Be excited that you and she have formed a bond that can help take you through the often tough times ahead of her.
    Be thankful that you have each other and that you have a very happy, exciting and proud experience as a bond.
    Neither of you will ever forget. 🙂 <3

  9. Your daughter Is beautiful!! The greatest compliment anyone could ever pay me is one about my kids. My son was in drama in high school (also with a great contributing community to help with every aspect of the production) and I really miss going to see him and his friends perform. It was amazing to see their personalities and talents grow. So glad you are able to take a step back and enjoy the same experience(s) with your girls :o)))

  10. Isn’t it just THE BEST????? My girls have both been in numerous musical theater productions, from children’s musicals at church to community theater, to college productions, and I cry every time. And when you can be a part of it, it’s that much more meaningful. My youngest daughter was in a teen production of “Oklahoma” her junior year in high school, where she played “Aunt Eller.” I was able to be in the orchestra pit, playing keyboard, and just being there during rehearsals, and right at their feet during performances, was something I”ll never forget. Enjoy these times – and if you’re lucky, as I am, they’ll keep on doing it when they grow up! 🙂