Summer Front Porch Decorating


(you can find all of the details for the colors of our house exterior by clicking HERE)

Don’t you think the whole concept of blogging is a little strange?  I know, that is an odd question coming from a blogger.

But here I am, sharing with you about my summer front porch decorating and you have never even been to my home.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  But that is just not possible.  So, I am so thankful that we get to meet here, in a virtual sense.

The true beauty of blogs, of any type, is you find like minded people to interact with.

I remember when I first found decorating blogs I realized I had found “my people”.  The people who understood why it was so important to me to make my home a comfortable place to gather with my family and friends.    The people who understood that sometimes, I really want to make it myself so that it is just the way I see it in my head.



I never planned to be a “blogger”.  I think very few people do.  I think it kind of finds us.  Then, before we know what happened, we realize it is something we love to do.

We embrace the realization that we are “Makers”.



And “Makers” come in all forms.  A Maker can be someone who prepares beautiful meals, bakes incredible desserts, builds their own home or creates a classroom environment where learning thrives.  Makers are parents who raise their children day to day.  Makers are police officers, soldiers and firemen who make our world safe.  Makers are the office workers, sanitation workers and retail workers who make everything around us possible.

Guess what?  In some way, shape or form, we are all Makers.  There is no one who is “not creative”.  It just takes on all different forms.

So, thank you for letting me share here, each week, what I make, create, think – all of it.  Thank you for allowing me to a Maker.

And since you can’t actually visit me in person, I thought I would share with you how I decorated our front porch for summer with a few wreaths that I, you guessed it, made.

Materials Needed:

– Grapevine wreath and grapevine “nests”.

-Dried or faux lavender

-Ribbon of your choice

– Wide burlap ribbon

– Small pots

– Outdoor green craft paint

– Moss

– Hot glue


-Florist wire



First you need to make the lavender rolls.  Start with a grouping, wrapped with twine, and lay it on a length of burlap ribbon.  Wrap the ribbon around the lavender, tie with twine and then fold the front corner down and touch it with glue.  That step, is for some reason, not pictured here.  Make three for the main wreath and one for each window wreath.



Paint the pots with a watered down mix of the outdoor craft paint.  Run a piece of wire down the inside of the pot and through the hole.  This is not necessary for the smallest pots.  Put a bead of glue on the inside of top of the pot and fill it with moss.


Begin assembling your wreath by wiring on the wreath.  Attach a section of moss with glue.  Create a bow (you can watch my bow making video by clicking this link) from your ribbon and wire it onto the wreath.  Begin attaching each of the pots on with wire and attaching the smallest ones with glue.



Once you are happy with the placement, insert small section of lavender into the pots.



Repeat the same steps for the smaller “nest” wreaths.  First glue in the moss, then attach the burlap wrapped lavender.  Then, attach your pots and fill them with lavender.



I used Command Brand hooks to attach all of my wreaths.  Did you know that they have outdoor hooks now?  I put one on my side door last year, in absolutely freezing cold weather, and it is still holding strong.

Attaching the door hooks is easy, but there is a clever little trick to it.  First thing you need to do is clean the area with isopropyl alcohol.  Remove the blue cover from the strip and attach it to the hook.  Then removed the black cover from the strip.  Attach the hook to your door and hold it in place for 30 seconds.  Then simply slide the hook up leaving only the base behind.  Wait one hour, then reattach the hook and hang your wreath.

The same similar process will hang your smaller wreaths on your windows, just use clear outdoor hooks.  Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol.  Start by removing the blue cover from the strip, attach it to the hook.  Then remove the black cover and attach the hook to your window.  Hold it in place for 30 seconds.  Then, as always, wait one hour before hanging your wreath.

As much as the front door wreath is nice, I am really in love with the extra detail on the windows.  And I love that the hooks are clear so they don’t interfere at all with the wreath.




It bring the whole area together and makes it feel like more an extension of my home.




And now I no longer have one of the ridiculous over the door hooks that always rattled and got in the way when I opened and closed the door.




We used to have four rocking chairs out here, but I finally admitted it was just too crowded.  I moved the other two to our screened  porch and painted them white.  Now, it is much more welcoming out here and it is a perfect spot for two.  With the railings gone after our front porch makeover, there is so much more room.  Next up will be to freshen up these chairs with some black spray paint.








What about you?  What kind of maker are you?  You are one.  It is just a matter of what kind.  And I know your list is long.

Thanks so much for reading and letting me share my need to be a Maker!





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31 thoughts on “Summer Front Porch Decorating”


  1. How Cute — I love it. That is really adorable and I simply love lavender. You are right on about being a Maker and it chooses us. I started my blog in January and I knew exactly what I wanted to do but somehow it is pushing me more toward one direction than the other. I wanted to do more home decor but it seems like I’m cooking more — which I love!! But it also could be we’ve been gone so long it is hard to do home projects when you’re not there. Now it’s the outdoors that is consuming me. But you know what the best part is?? Meeting people such as you who are so sweet and interesting and like-minded. Look for the good and you’ll find it!!.

  2. It is so pretty! I need to get the extra Command strips. I have a big hook like yours, in ORB. But I need to re-adhere it to my front door. I too like the idea of the hook vs. the over the door thing. I am glad I found your blog. I love making my house a home and love the inspiration I have found here. We do a lot of things to our house ourselves. We always have. We were bit by the DIY bug in our first house over 20 yrs ago. I have a blog. It was cohearsed into starting one about 5 yrs ago, after I realized there was a whole online world when I connected with some people on a scrapbooking message board. I love that I can “meet” new people that I would have otherwise not been able to know, like you. 🙂 I have kind of fallen off the wagon of blogging, as I am not really scrapbooking much these days. I was on some design teams for a few scrapbook kit clubs and paper mfrs. So I needed the blog to promote their products. I am enjoying my family and puttering in my yard/garden and with home projects.

  3. You can certainly see your skills within the article you write.

    The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who
    are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  4. Oh Laura, What a welcoming porch! You are certainly a maker to so many of us! When I started reading blogs, even before I started blogging I thought to myself… “These are MY PEOPLE!” You are so so right!!! I love your wreath and door and the sweet nest wreaths on the windows. I am a huge fan of Command Brand hangers! They are so so perfect for hanging almost anything! Great post… lots of ideas! Thanks so much! Pinning and featuring on fb!

  5. The porch looks so cute. The wreath is wonderful. I love the little pots with the lavender. I’m a maker when I can gather enough time to make. I love what you do.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Your porch is filled with lovely details and a beautiful way to welcome visitors to your home too. Thank you for sharing your home and diy for the wreaths, I love lavender and you used it beautifully. Hugs
    P.S. I invite you to share this post at mu=y Thursday hop ♥

  7. I love your porch, Laura!!!
    For sure it inspired me to make my front entrance better!
    It is looking quite “crabby” right now!
    I have a wreat just like that, that I used to make a Fall wreath with dry hydrangeas last year.
    I’m going to use it to make myself one like yours, too!!!
    I need the lavender and clay pots!
    I also love the little nests!
    Laura, I’m a maker, too! I didn’t know it but I was always a maker (cooking) and did not explore this side of me until later in life! I loved your perspective! that we all makers and creative in some way!
    Thank you for the inspiration (in all levels)!

  8. laura your home is just beautiful! Would you mind sharing paint colors on house and shutters and porch and brand thank you so much! Teresa

    1. Well, you have asked one of the most asked questions – but our house is actually vinyl siding! We did paint our sugar house to match and that color is Benjamin Moore HC-77 Alexandria Beige – in opaque stain.

      Take care!

  9. Looks very welcoming! What color is your door and shutters? My house is this same color and I am considering going to grey shutters and a black door or darker grey door. Are your doors and shutters the same color?

    1. Chrissy,

      You have asked our most asked question and unfortunately I am not much help because both our siding and shutters are vinyl. The shutters are dark gray but have faded over time and would love them to changed to black some day. The house is beige color that most closely matches with Benjamin Moore HC77 – Alexandria Beige. That is the color we stained our garage and sugar house, but in an opaque stain.

      Thanks so much!

  10. Love, Love, LOVE your porch! …Can you tell me the names of the paint colors used on the walls and shutters? Maybe a brand too? ~ Just lovely!

    Thanks, Pati

  11. Love, love, love the wreaths! Laura, I have what I like to call a “patio” porch. It is not covered and I need ideas on how to warm it up with out having to bring things in and out, due to weather conditions. I also have two black rockers & want to add more country reds, checks, etc. Ideas welcome! Thanks, Chloe

  12. I have never heard the term Sugar house. What is that?
    Love your porch.
    My daughter in law made me a Manger set with the little clay pots just a little larger than yours. She put little strips of cloth for robes and a little piece of vine on top of robe strip on the head like a halo shape Baby Jesus lay in clay saucer on straw. He was a bundle of of the fabric in a roll and a bead for his head.