Sportin’ A New Look

No, your eyes do not deceive you, it is still me!  I just put on a new outfit. 

This is a temporary new blog template that I got from the very talented Splendid Sparrow.  I was hoping to have my new logo and  whole new custom template done by now, but that just has not worked out as planned.  So, in the meantime I could not stand to look at my previous template anymore!

So, I hope you like it. 

I am off to clean my pit of a house and take some photos of all the great treasures I have gathered up over the last three days.  I will be posting about all of that soon.  Until then, have a great one!


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8 thoughts on “Sportin’ A New Look”


  1. looks great! I should really update my blog also. It was a steep learning curve for me with regards to setting up a blog! I should just bite the bullet and pay for someone to update it =)

  2. Looks great! I was just coming to give you the name of my blog designer, but it looks like you are well taken care of:) I am excited to see your logo and custom look!

  3. hello there! just scrolled through you blog! how fun! another sister treasure hunter! love you finds!

  4. Hi Laura, things look great! OMG I burst out laughing b/c I at first I thought you wrote that you were off to clean your pits….and then I blinked and re-read..toooo funny! I thought that was a little open of you hehehhe. Have a great new week. Hugs Stacey