Sportin’ A New Look

No, your eyes do not deceive you, it is still me!  I just put on a new outfit. 

This is a temporary new blog template that I got from the very talented Splendid Sparrow.  I was hoping to have my new logo and  whole new custom template done by now, but that just has not worked out as planned.  So, in the meantime I could not stand to look at my previous template anymore!

So, I hope you like it. 

I am off to clean my pit of a house and take some photos of all the great treasures I have gathered up over the last three days.  I will be posting about all of that soon.  Until then, have a great one!


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8 thoughts on “Sportin’ A New Look”


  1. looks great! I should really update my blog also. It was a steep learning curve for me with regards to setting up a blog! I should just bite the bullet and pay for someone to update it =)

  2. Looks great! I was just coming to give you the name of my blog designer, but it looks like you are well taken care of:) I am excited to see your logo and custom look!

  3. Hi Laura, things look great! OMG I burst out laughing b/c I at first I thought you wrote that you were off to clean your pits….and then I blinked and re-read..toooo funny! I thought that was a little open of you hehehhe. Have a great new week. Hugs Stacey