Sometimes Staying the Same Is a Good Thing



Did you know that Pinterest started in December of 2009?  What did we ever do before that?

I know what I did.

I tore pictures out of magazines and then glued them into notebooks.  I still remember the first one I put together at my Mom’s house just before I got married.  That one is probably my favorite.

I have several notebooks, that truthfully, I have not looked at in a long time because they have been replaced by the ease and access of Pinterest.

Recently, I came across a box of a ton of magazine tears that must have fallen victim to that timeframe of when I discovered Pinterest and abandoned the physical images for the digital.  I spent quite a bit of time going through them and found such comfort in realizing how many of the things that I love have stayed the same.

In a world where we have instant access to answers, information and more visual stimulation that we probably need, I was pleased to find that things that I have loved, for the most part, have not wavered.

In those magazine tear outs from likely 7 years ago, you will find inspiration and similarity to what is our home today.

Just like the pages of those magazines, you will find windows being used for anything other than their intended purpose.  And they will be paired with wood things.  Wood things not because of their purpose, but because the finish on them is just so pretty, to me, they are art.




You will find that my love for galvanized is a long lived affair and has not wavered and has only likely increased in intensity.




You will find that my affinity for old objects with words on them hold a special place in my heart.  The purpose of these words was utilitarian in their use, but for me, they tell the story, and that is the best part of what you fill your home with – the stories.




You will find that I like to take old things, and turn them into something new and with a purpose just like so many of the ideas in the magazine tears.




You will find that anything that has to do with maple syrup, still makes me happy and tells part of the story of our lives.




You will find that old wooden boxes and toolboxes are just about my favorite thing in the world and that has not changed.




You will find that mix of white with rustic, and a little bit of green and the pop of a peony from our garden is just how I always imaged our home to look when I pulled out all of those pages from magazines.




And you will find that nothing makes me happier than pulling all of my yard sale finds together in one place where I can see them everyday has always and will always make me happy.


Kitchen Gallery Wall Decoarting Ideas


While I love a good trend or something new to decorate our home, I am quite comforted in believing that staying the same is a really good thing.

And if you are still with me, I thought you might enjoy this video I made with to share our home and our style with you!

Thank so much for reading.


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8 thoughts on “Sometimes Staying the Same Is a Good Thing”


  1. I still have my magazine clipping books too. My tastes have changed some – more simple and cleaner. But I noticed I still like a lot of the same things, like vintage and old things. I still like to look through those clippings but Pinterest is easy but there’s nothing like a physical picture in my book. 🙂
    Your house is beautiful and cozy.

  2. I ran across one of those boxes when we moved last September. We had been in that house for ten years 🙂 I found the sam thing to be true. The images I had so carefully collected were still favorites, and many of them had been implemented in some way throughout our home. I spent hours looking through them. Not once did I say to myself “what were you thinking?” That isn’t to say that there wasn’t dated color schemes or that I would utilize every idea, but they all had something that was still relevant and spoke to me.

  3. I really love your style, and I agree that it’s important to decorate with what you love and not necessarily what’s on trend or popular at the moment. Like you, it makes me so happy to surround myself with beautiful vintage finds!

  4. About those gingham chair seats: are they waterproof? What’s the story on those? Love them. Is there a post about them?