Simple Mantel Decorating Ideas: Winter


There is so much inspiration and so many ideas when we decorate for Christmas.

But then, when all of the decorations are put away – do crave simplicity for a little bit?

I do.

But I couldn’t just leave my mantel empty…

So, I was trying to come up with some mantel decorating ideas for the winter season.

But I wanted to keep it simple.


Usually, I have a plan – even if it changes, I start with an intention for how I am going to decorate my mantel.

But, it turns out – this time I didn’t need a plan.

I started with placing the canvas I finally had made from our family photographs we had taken last year by Eve’s Wish Photography.

Then I placed the stove board that has been covering the front of the fireplace.


And then I just began placing things there as we were undoing Christmas.

It turns out, I had used a lot more non-specific Christmas things than I had realized, so everything with a warm wood texture, was placed.

 It can be that easy – just take a common element – like warm wood tones – and begin grouping them together.


Starting with a family photo, a mirror or a rustic piece of wood as a center point – simply build like things around them.

 The items I used were spools and mashers and somehow to me the look kind of like a group of trees.

They really have nothing to do with winter, but somehow they work (at least in my mind).


So what do you have then you can use on a shelf or a mantel in repetition?

Mason jars?

Glass vases?

Candle holders and candlesticks?

Small baskets?

Or maybe you have a bunch of types of items in one unifying color.


It doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful.

A simple switch of pillows and blankets and that was it.

 And as I sat down as the only person in the world to watch Revenge and not Downtown Abbey – it was done.


I imagine I might want to put my mirror back up there soon since I do love the way it reflects light in the winter, but for now, this suits me just fine.

I love that it was simple, no stress – not even a mess – which is very unusual for me.

How about you – now that your shelves, mantels and tabletops are empty – what are putting in their place?

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23 thoughts on “Simple Mantel Decorating Ideas: Winter”


  1. Okay, one of my New Years resolutions is taking the time to leave more notes for my blogging friends! I always read posts in a reader and it makes it hard to leave a comment or two. But I do not miss a post! Love seeing the things you share and your lovely home. I wish I had more time to blog, but I work part time at our local library. I wanted to share with you my new blog, just opened this week….…. it will be for my vingage and digital work… including printables you might enjoy. I also have my home and garden site, This week I am doing a look back to my spring garden.

    Hope to be able to connect more in this new year. I am spending less time on Facebook and gave up twitter and everything else. A girl needs time to create, decorate and GARDEN ya know!

    God bless….Brooke

  2. Laura it’s perfectly winter, warm and homey and family without being overwhelming. I must admit my mantel is bare, totally naked, except the TV of course. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I added some pine cones to my pre-Christmas mantel and I’m loving it too. Very simple, organic and no mess.

  4. Love how it turned out! I just blogged about my mantel today, too. It always feels a little barren to me after all the pomp and circumstance of the holidays. I have a soaring living room ceiling like yours and usually feel that I can never fill up the space, but yours looks great! I,too, used some antlers and pine cones…they just feel so rustic – love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I’m honored to have you visit! Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for the inspiration. After Christmas, the house looks bland. Lovely mantel. I kept the snowmen out this year. A friend puts her “men” out after Christmas, not during. Good idea.

  6. thanks for posting your idea I to have a hard time finding how to decorate the house after Christmas , this is just what I needed !! thanks again

  7. Hi Laura, Your mantel looks fabulous! I also love that multicolored pillow on the sofa. Everything looks lovely.

  8. Looks Gorgeous! Is your fireplace Gas or woodburning? we are taking out an ugly woodstove that was here 3 months ago when we bought it and have no clue what to do… ps Ringwood is NJ, but about 20 mins from warwick……..

  9. Love the mix of “stuff”. I recently found a framed picture of George Washington…the kind every school had hanging in classrooms. It is on my winter mantle with “stuff”. The muted antiqued color is simply great and adds warmth. Did you ever find a piece that no one else seemed to want until they see it displayed and then see its aesthetic value? That is George! Love him. Sarah