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Hello all – I hope you are having a fabulous end of the week and looking forward to the weekend.

show and tell

So, today is Show & Tell Friday – yup, getting a little fancy with the graphic.

But today instead of telling, I am going to ask.

Ask for some advice.

I figure there are an awful lot of you out there who are parents and maybe have experienced the same frustration I am facing and can offer some advice?

My two daughters are ages 9 and 11.

The nine year is studying the piano and the 11 year old is studying the guitar.

It is a battle every single time to get them to practice, if they even do it.  Once they start, they truly seem to love it and I know they love their lessons with their incredibly awesome teacher.

But I feel like I am beating my head against a wall for them to put the work in needed for them to keep advancing and sometimes, I want to just let it go.  Even their teacher is frustrated.

Then, I hear them play and it is so beautiful and they really seem to love it and I feel like it owe it to them for them to have the ability to learn.  If I had the ability to create music, to get some of the “junk” out my head and soul through music, I feel that would be such a gift.

So, do your children take lessons willingly and if so how do you do it?

Did you take lessons as a child, hated it and are resentful for it?

Did you take lessons as a child, hated it then, but are so glad you have it now?

Okay, enough about me – now, let’s do some sharing!

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Okay, I have never really been able to get on board with Craig’s List- just too tedious.  But, Kelly from View Along the Way shares some really great tips to make it much more user friendly.  Definitely worth checking out!


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And finally,

I absolutely love this Organized Drop Spot over at Hi Sugarplum!, actually there is a lot of stuff I love over at Cassie’s blog!


Wishing each of you a really great weekend and thanks so much for reading!

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  1. My 7 year old daughter started violin this year and in the beginning getting her to practice was torture (for me). But her teacher started using a daily check list with her weekly assignments. So for every day of the week there is a column to check off tuning, warm up, practice, listening to certain pieces, etc. And she gives ‘100 times charts’ to complete. So…my daughter doesn’t want to show up at the next lesson with gaps in check list. This is my first experience with music, so not sure if this is something all music teachers do, but it’s what keeps my daughter going. I say keep going with the lessons….music teaches so many life lessons! Good luck!

  2. Laura, have you read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua? Ha! I certainly did NOT go to those extremes when raising our children (all grown now). But she does have some good and interesting ideas about commitment, about focus, about diligence and expecting excellence from our children. One thing that sticks with me is that nothing is fun until you attain a certain amount of competence in it. And that’s good to remember when children want to blow off practice, or give up lessons. I wish there was an easy answer. Keep trying…music is a skill and a gift that can enrich our life long beyond the childhood years. Good luck!

  3. Laura,
    My husband took piano lessons but didn’t like practicing. His mom made him practice and he’s glad she did. Today he uses his musical gifting to lead worship at our church and also is teaching our daughters ages 9 and 11 the piano as well. He also plays the guitar and drums which have all stemmed from learning to play the piano. Hang in there! This parenting business is hard stuff! 😉

  4. This is a tough one! My daughter who is now 15 was just speaking to me about this very subject. She took different sports and music lessons as a child and didn’t like practising at all and begged to get out of them….so we let her quit once the sessions were over. She now says that she wished we had made her persevere with the sport and the music lessons. I think it teaches the children discipline which can help them in life. However, I do know of adults who have expressed that their parents forced them to take lessons and now hate whatever they learned. This is a hard call. I guess it depends on the child!

  5. Funny you are asking this THIS morning. I let my 9 yr old take some time off because it was a battle to get her to practice. She just started playing this morning by herself and wants to take lessons again. I think it’s one of those things later on in life you are so happy you did. Your daughters will thank you.

  6. Wow – tough situation. I play many different instruments (well…used to when I was younger) and would perform at events often and always thought my kids (22,20, 17 and 10) would grow up playing like I did. However, none of them showed any interest when they were young so I didn’t force it. I remember being in 2nd grade and teaching myself how to read music and play the piano – that is when my mom put me in lessons and I never had any issues with my lessons. I always thought that if my kids really wanted it, they’d show that same level of interest, but not so. The three older girls now tell me they wish I would have “made” them learn to play. Anyhoo, I guess my advice is that you should continue to encourage them and make lessons part of a daily responsibility and tell them that it is ok to not want to do them, or like to do them, once in a while…that we all have times when we don’t want to do something but that is when you put your nose to the grindstone because want to or not, it is a responsibility. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a scheduled “break”. Put a week on the calendar when they can see that they will have a vacation from practice. We all need a break from routine once in a while. Who knows, they may miss it during that time and go back being refreshed 🙂 Good luck!

  7. I really cannot relate to you dilemma as I only only have one son (who is out of the house and off the payroll now)…His lessons were: baseball and soccer practice in which my hubby was always the coach…My son was a phenomenal baseball player (and my hubby too) and when he turned about 14, he declared that he wanted to quit baseball and concentrate on soccer..This left my hubby devastated over his decision, but he supported him in every way…He then took many soccer coaching clinics and gathered all his “credentials” for coaching high ranked teams..So, although my hubby was disappointed, he took that in another positive direction..Turns out that he coached many kids who went on to professional leagues and even the NFL…Even tho, my son was a fantastic baseball player, he said it just wasn’t fun anymore….and he was so fortunate to have a dad that has supported him in every way, then and today… son did not take any music lessons as a child, however when he went to college he took up the guitar and has become very accomplished…even starting at an “older age”…

  8. Laura,
    You are not alone 🙂 I have four children and none of them want to practice. I think they would even rather clean their room than practice (so I figure I am coming out ahead sometimes) 🙂


  9. Thanks for the shout-out! My son is (begrudgingly) taking piano lessons. I finally had to come up with a bribe plan… If he practices 80 minutes during a 1 week period (not including lesson time), I pay him $5. If he falls short of the goal, he gives me his iTouch for the week!

    So far it’s working pretty good. And the increased practice means he’s getting better, doing well in lesson, and as a result, happier with piano! Good luck!

  10. I let my third-grade daughter stop taking piano after one semester. She is now 21 & has told me she wishes I had made her keep studying. Whether he ever uses or not for the sake of music or not, music is helpful in so many ways. Students of music score higher in mathematics. I wish I had a do-over on this one!

  11. I was forced to take piano lessons for 9 years. I hated the last 5 year or so. I will not touch a piano now and avoid listening to anyone playing a piano whenever possible. I have a serious loathing for the instrument. This is just my experience and I wouldn’t dare say what is the right thing to do for your children.

  12. My experience mirrors Robin’s….I have a 22 year old who is now in nursing school…(she is the youngest of 4)…she took 4 years of piano lessons and for the last year and a half begged us to let her quit…Finally we did (sadly.) Our conversation recently? “Mom…I wished you would have made me stay in my lessons!” Go figure! I think a lot depends on the personality of the child, his/her other interests/committments, etc. Finally? Go with your instincts as a mother..and pray…YOU know what is best for your child…be confident in that…you are doing a great job!

  13. I taught piano for 30 years and taught piano to my four sons. Boy oh boy do I understand the battle. I got tired and let the boys quit. Now all are in their 20’s and all four have commented that they wished I hadn’t let them stop! Go figure. Keep the end in mind.

  14. I just wanted to say “keep it up!”. My three boys are in strings -and have been for two years now….. 2 on violin, one on cello. You eat on the days you practice. That is what Dr. Suzuki says. 🙂 It is a daily thing like school work and chores. The discipline is a good thing. Not only that, but your girls are developing both sides of their brains and it is making them smarter!!!!!! I feel so strongly about them keeping this up. Please do not wane. A super fabulous book to read is HELPING PARENTS PRACTICE. It has changed me with every little bit I read. Go, mom, go! You can do it!!! Encourage! We also do “motivators” from time to time. 20 days in a row practicing =trip to chuck e cheese. 100 times of one song ( counted with stickers) =$5 or whatever motivates!

  15. I have an almost 11 year old daughter in piano lessons. She started about four years ago. The first year or two were great, then the battle to get her to practice started. Ever day, she would cry, get frustrated, tell me she didn’t like piano and would ask if she could quit. It was awful!!! And sooooo frustrating for me that I almost agreed. I spoke with her teacher who decided to dial it down a notch. She took her to the music store and let her choose a book of songs that she knew and liked (in this case it was songs from Hannah Montana). They put away the lesson books and focused on learning some of these songs for a couple of months. I cannot tell you the difference it made!! She went back to loving to play. Now, about a year or so later, I actually never have to remind her to practice – EVER! She just does it, and has hit a whole new level of playing. This might be something to try if you haven’t already. Talk to their teacher about it – and good luck!!

  16. Hi Laura –
    Wow! I stumbled upon your great blog this morning and am really enjoying it. I fully appreciate it as an artist; the staging, photos, editing, posting – plus the writing! – is a lot of work but it is obvious you are passionate & talented in all you do…I am a fellow vintage fanatic and had an amazing vintage Tudor home in O.C., California and perusing your blog made me homesick. *sigh* Lots of enjoyment from your blog : ) but some tears, too (on a happier note, I still have my most cherished items, that I thoroughly enjoyed collecting, all of them adding beauty to my beloved home). I get to “live vicariously vintage” through your blog. Thank you for that, Laura and wishing you & yours many more joyful years to come!
    (P.S. I am in the midst of updating my site so I fully relate to your labor of love)