Risky Business and SNAP

No, I am not sliding across the floor in my Ray-Bans, underwear and button up white shirt.  But maybe I should be?

I would like an answer to a question.

When exactly did a 90 year old woman move into my body?


Seriously, when did I become so cautious and unwilling to take risks?

Somewhere along the way, it happened.  Somewhere along the way making the simplest of decisions began to take a lot of time and deliberation.

I have a dear friend who has always amazed me with her ability to make really big decisions and take the “riskier” side of the equation.  I think I need a little bit of that in my life right now.

Since the beginning of this year, I have been feeling the need to “shake things up a little bit”.  I have been feeling like it is time to take some risks.

But, as I sat and drank my coffee the other morning I realized that I was actually waiting for everyone around me to take a risk – and I would go with them.


Well that is not very risky at all is it?

And the other thing I realized over that very powerful cup of coffee two mornings ago – I have been living in a fog.  I have been neglecting the basics of things and I haven’t even been aware of it.

I have been waiting on some decisions we have been needing to make as a family and I just sort of put everything on hold.

I have been doing the absolute bare minimum in maintaining our house – and I didn’t even realize it.  The simple habits I have always have of leaving things a certain way each night to wake up to an organized home have fallen to the wayside.  And guess what happens when Momma stops being particular about how the house is kept?  Yup, it all goes down hill.

I had a coffee table project sitting at the entrance to our living room for two weeks.  Several times I went to go in there and just turned and walked away.


Well that is not a way to live in a home.

And I also realized that I have been so focused on what is on the other side of the camera.  Trying to put together a project, photograph it, tell you about it.  I have worked really hard to make this blog a place where you would like to be and feel welcomed and hopefully inspired.

But that seems hypocritical to me.  How can I tell you about decorating a home when I am just moving through mine in a fog?

Ha, I think my tagline is more accurate than I realized.  Lately, our home has been “a reflection of ourselves and our family”.  But not in the good way!

Well, there is nothing like hosting Easter dinner for 22 to get you moving.  Seriously, a party is always the best motivator for a clean house!

And so we all dug in and got it clean (okay, my bedroom is still a work in progress!).  And it feels really really good.  I feel like I just fell in love with my house all over again this week.  I feel like I am coming out of my fog.


And we are prepping for a big purge.  A huge purge.  There is a really big yard sale in our future.  Locals, get ready!

As the tag line says, this is the story of the journey we are on – and what we find along the way.  And at this point in the journey I am ready to shake things up – start living simpler, but with a side of “risk”.  To start living on both sides of the camera.

Now, don’t worry, I am not going to jump out of plane.  I can’t even hardly handle riding in a small plane – adult onset of claustrophobia.  Again, an indicator of the 90 year woman living in my body.


I am taking one big risk next week.

I am going to the SNAP Conference.  Now going to a conference really isn’t a risk.  But traveling on my own and being away from my family for what will end up being five days is very uncomfortable for me.  Even typing those words I realized my heart rate sped up.  Back in the day, I traveled a lot and even traveled to Europe and Asia for work.  But 12 years as a SAHM takes that out of you.

Last year, I went to the Haven conference and was blessed to meet these lovely ladies that were my companions for the conference and now I can call them my dear friends.  But that was in Atlanta – the same coast as my own.  I hadn’t really thought through the travel time to get all the way to Utah and how that would affect my amount of time away.

And I do know a few acquaintances who are going, but I don’t really have any “peeps”.  But I think as challenging as next week will be for me, it is just what I need.  I need to be uncomfortable because that is when we grow the most.


So, if you are still here, thanks for reading!  It was a long one today!

How about you, do feel sometimes you are living life a little too safe?

Oh, any of you fellow bloggers going to SNAP?

postsignature_thumb.png P.S.  As I was finishing up this post, my Hubby called and said almost the exact same words to me that I just wrote here without knowing anything about this post.   Giddy up people, 2013 might just be amazing!

P.P.S. And speaking of new things – I am super excited to announce that I have been invited to participate for 6 weeks in the Monday Funday link party along with Uncommon Designs C.R.A.F.T., Lines Across, That’s What Che Said and Creatively Living.  So get your projects ready and come by to link up on Monday!






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23 thoughts on “Risky Business and SNAP”


  1. Great post! I hear ya on the fog, I have felt the same way. You will have a great time at SNAP! 🙂 Enjoy and way to be risky!

  2. Laura best wishes on your trip to SNAP. I’ve thought a lot about possibly going but in the end couldn’t justify the time and expense so know you are going in spirit for all those of us who cannot attend. (And I’m secretly VERY jealous!!!) I’m purging right along with you too as we prepare to move, it feels good and I’m loving your art crate, might just have to build one asap.

  3. Laura,
    When my husband and I got married (20 yrs ago), he already owned a home that he got for cheap, and was fixing up. The houses in the neighborhood weren’t great, and I was always hoping for an upgrade. It took me FOREVER to settle in and DO anything in the area of decorating or caring for things. I was convinced we wouldn’t live there long. Well, eight years later, we moved because of the declining neighborhood — but, I sure miss that old house. It had much more character than the one where we currently live. I wish I had better lived our time in that house, and appreciated it more. You’re right… sometimes, you just have to take the plunge, and go for it. It’s easy to be “safe” about things (and I am guilty of that for sure!), but that’s not living. Everyone’s idea of RISK is a little different… but sometimes you just gotta go there!!!

  4. Hi Laura, I hope you have a wonderful time away from home at SNAP and enjoy every minute of it! We all have our foggy moments through life and you can just blame it on life itself as we get so busy as mothers and our homes can’t be perfect all the time. Even now I enjoy having company so I can get my house cleaned up. My brother came to visit over nite recently and that really got me motivated to clean the house from top to bottom. It felt so good! Take care and enjoy. Blessings, Pamela

  5. Laura- This post is a perfect example of why you are one of my favorite bloggers! I can totally relate to the anxiety you get when you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Have a ball on your trip! Hooray to you for “lifting the fog”! Thanks for being you!

  6. I’m like a 90 yr old too, living in a 50ish body, too cautious. But when I DO step out of my comfort zone – not that I do it often – it turns out wonderfully! As for SNAP, if it’s in Utah, it’s going to be awesome! It should be the state motto! I’m a southern girl (LA) but my kids went to college in Utah (BYU and UVU). Good for you for going!

  7. Laura, I think we may have been separated at birth. I feel the same way about my house and the project laying around the house staring at me to finish them. I have been walking around all week muttering to myself about the same things. If you’re going to Haven this year I want you to be my peep.
    Have a great time at the conference, I’m sure everyone will love you!

  8. Laura, I agree I sometimes feel like a 90 year old woman too. Basically, I think we get physically and emotionally exhausted. We try to be so many things to so many people, there is no time left for ourselves. We work hard and strive to be the best mothers possible, which is a good thing. We are there for our spouses, which we want to be. We can drop whatever we are doing if a friend needs us,which is also admirable. The problem is we get tired. There is no time or energy to nurture ourselves. Believe me I am a very unselfish person, but I have found out that how much our children, spouses, family and friends need us it is our responsibility to also nurture ourselves. I love my home and love to decorate it. However, most times I look at what has to be done and get overwhelmed. Therefore, it is easier to just abandon the project, the cleaning, ourselves.This leads to a feeling of guilt and we beat ourselves up. Unless we find the strength to attend to what we want and need to do for ourselves we fall deeper into that rut. I think of how good I feel after my house is in order, neat and clean. It inspires me to continue with more projects which further adds to my feeling good about myself. I think your trip getting away will do you wonders. You will come back refreshed with new ideas and a new form of strength and motivation because you will have nurtured yourself. That makes us feel good about ourselves, inspires us to be an even better person. Taking that risk by getting away on your own is a great start. Have a wonderful trip!

  9. Oh my goodness…you just totally told my story. I am going to SNAP as well, and am so nervous to leave on my own for 4 nights, but I know it will be worth it! I too have been acting like a 90 year old woman and an hoarder. We are in the middle of a giant purge, but I’m skipping the yardsale and just getting the stuff out of here before I drag it back in. I can’t wait to meet you at SNAP! Safe travels!

  10. I think you just read most of my thoughts! Crazy thing, since I started my blog in January I have felt stuck in a fog of what/ how to decorate around my house. Just 2 days ago I realized I was trying to decorate for others and not myself…and the fog lifted! I am not going to SNAP but I am going to Haven. To go somewhere ALL alone is totally out of my comfort zone but I am taking the risk! Have a great time at SNAP and maybe I will meet you in person at a conference soon!

  11. I like your observations about life! I am the same way about taking risks…I shy away from it, but have found when I did that I gain the most rewards for my stepping outside my comfort zone. Blogging was my most recent step outside that safe box. A much smaller one than my past few steps, but one none-the-less. I enjoy your blog and hope your time at SNAP is everything you hope it to be.

  12. You are hilarious. I did think I heard your voice crack the other day when you were looking for your cane. 🙂

    You will be amazing and I can’t wait to live vicariously through you at SNAP!

    Have a blessed and wonderful trip!

  13. Last year I went to Haven without knowing a soul. I decided I would take advantage of being in the same place as so many like-minded people. I forced myself to meet as many people as I could (and reasoned that I could be shy at home.). I realized that so many others had come by themselves and were excited to meet everyone, too. I had a fantastic time and am planning on attending again this year.

    You’ll have a wonderful time, Laura. It’s fun meeting so many others who are passionate about blogging. Best of luck!

  14. Oh have such a wonderful time at the conference. That will be a great experience I’m sure.
    I think we all get into fogs every now and then where the ironing piles up and the closets are a mess and the chaos starts to affect your psyche. I find a good intentional spring and fall (or whenever) cleaning is so good, not just for your home but your mind and your sense of peace.

  15. It is wonderful that you can sit down and analyze yourself and share your discoveries for what they are on your blog. To me that shows courage, self-awarenesss and incredible honesty.

    In my life’s experience it has been the most difficult and the scariest things I have had to deal with that have allowed me to grow wiser, stronger and be blessed with an increased sense of self-esteem. Life is not a smooth road, but sometimes a rocky one filled with pot holes and ruts that are there for us to fall into so that we can figure out how to get out in order to grow and further learn who we are capable of being. For every change, for every jump to a higher rung on the ladder and a higher level of energy and awareness there is a rite of passage, a period of discomfort we must go through. But, it always pays off with growth and new insight about life and ourselves. I have also found there is a time to let things happen and a time to make things happen. It sounds like you may be at a place where you need to purposely make things happen.

    Believe in yourself, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

    Much Love and Pride,
    You Know Who

  16. I’ve been in that fog myself. Maybe its an age thing I don’t know!! Just wanted to let you know, your not alone!

  17. I’m tracking right along with you Laura — but without the benefit of the “forced to give the house good cleaning for Easter” moment. I may just need to invite the family over so I can jump start my life on the other side of the camera!

    Have a fabulous time at SNAP. Excited to hear about your experiences!

    🙂 Linda

  18. Love this post. Before I left for my first conference back in Feb. I wrote a post called “Thoughts on being brave” and yes, over the years we just stop “jumping in” and being adventurous!
    I am so sad Snap! was sold out before I knew enough to jump on it. So many of my now “bloggy friends” will be there. I just got back from Blissdom, which was my second conference but first big one. I met a ton of great people and connected with a few that I already followed online. That is great that Jessica (above) from Mom 4 Real is going – I would love to meet you both someday. Also, if you have a second to check out Kelly’s blog at LiveLaughRowe(dot)com – she will be at Snap!. I finally met her at Blossom. She is an awesome blogger and just an amazing person. SUCH an encourager too. Have fun and safe travels!

  19. Realizing that you have been playing it safe is a great start. Now you can make your move! Yep, m-o-v-e. No more deer in the headlights. Been there done that and it always feels good to get back in the game. Congrats.

  20. Clicked on this as a related post ot one this week . Found it encouraging because it is honest and reflects so much of how I am feeling right now. Think I’ll go work on my daughter’s room and hang the new curtains plus so cleaning! Have a good weekend.