Quick Table Setting Ideas for the Holidays & a Giveaway

Simple-Table-Setting-Ideas-2   Today I am sharing some super easy, inexpensive and quick table setting ideas for the holidays.  I should warn you though, some of you might be appalled.  You see, I like to limit my laundry to the mountains we already have, I avoid ironing as much as possible and I would much rather linger with my family at the table that do a major clean up. Which is why this table is set with wrapping paper. Buffalo-Plaid-Christmas-Table2   Wrapping paper is all of the things I mentioned above – quick, simple and inexpensive.  It can also be crumbled up and recycled after the meal – no laundry needed.  You can also jump on trends like buffalo plaid without the big commitment of buying a tablecloth that you will then feel obligated to use every year. Besides, how many times have you come across wrapping paper that you love so much but don’t have any presents to wrap?  Why not put it on your table? I am also here to officially tell you it is okay to use paper napkins on your holiday table.  Yup.  It really is. Now, I still think they should be pretty, and why not layer two and add a cute candy cane?   Quick-Christmas-Table-Setting2   Who made the rule that only the kids table should be fun? My quickest tip for a centerpiece is the simplest one yet… Borrow the one you already have on your coffee table and just put in back when the meal is over.   Christmas-Kitchen-Decorating copy   I also added some quick touches around our table.  My girls and I made a whole bunch of clay ornaments this weekend using cookie cutters.  Whenever we had a little corner left over, we cut one of these small trees up.  I strung them together on some bakers twine and hung them across our kitchen windows.   Clay-Ornament-Garland   To hang them, I used my favorite Command Brand Banner Anchors.  I will leave this here for all of the times we hang banners for birthdays and holidays.  They hold perfectly and you can barely see them since they are clear.   Command-Party-Products-2   Since Command also wants your holidays to be simple and to make sure that all the fun is not only at the kids table, they are giving away a pack of party products to THREE readers – yeah!  If you want to see more about these different products, you can visit the Halloween party I used them for.  If you like to decorate with balloons, you will love their balloon bunchers.   Microsoft Word - Command Party Products Giveaway.doc a Rafflecopter giveaway And one more thing!  We are closing the shop on Monday night!  I know a lot of items have sold out, but we still have maple syrup which make great gifts.  We also still have two of my favorite items, the toolbox and the measuring cups.  All three items group together quite nicely. Maple-Syrup-Gift-Basket-Option   Thanks so much for reading!   Quickpen-Signature_edited-1 ]]>

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45 thoughts on “Quick Table Setting Ideas for the Holidays & a Giveaway”


    1. What a great idea in using the command anchors! We love hanging banners in our home and the tape we have used is sometimes messy and doesn’t always work. Thanks for this great give away!

  1. I would give mine to my two twenty-something daughters who have used them in sorority rooms and apartments and love them.

  2. I love your posts and think those Command Brand hangers are AWESOME! Your ideas are so refreshing. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas

  3. Laura, like you I love, love love all of Command Brand products! Have them everywhere in the house, even inside my dog’s indoor house! A family portrait hangs on one of the walls!
    I do love the wrapping paper idea, especially the design you selected.. so Christmasey!
    I am praying you and your family have a memorable Christmas, and a supernatural New Year!
    P.S. Thank you for keeping your creations and ideas real and doable for the rest of us on tight budgets.

  4. I love all the Command products I’ve ever tried!
    Thanks for making paper on the table NORMAL, not lazy! Most of us need some short cuts in our lives.
    P.S. Your house is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

  5. I really like your banner holder. Birthdays are a big thing here, so they would get a work out! It’s fun to hang temporary art for special occasions too.

  6. Laura, using wrapping paper is a fantastic idea! I too like to use pretty paper plates and napkins for our more casual Christmas Eve celebrations– so many wonderful and charming holiday-themed paper products out there– and of course, it means dish-washing and clean-up is kept to a minimum. Using wrapping paper as a table cloth fits right in with this approach.

  7. Laura..this looks wonderful! I would do this in a second and I love all the cute paper napkins we can buy now as well.
    Over the past few summers I’ve been using Kraft paper on my patio table as well as the picnic table. Just tape it down and it lasts through several snacks and/or meals.
    Love your garland. That sounds like a fun activity with your daughters!
    Jane xxx

  8. I would use them to hang a garland on the fireplace. I love your tree garland and will have to look for what clay you used. Really cute table ideas! Thanks:)

  9. What a beautiful table! I just bought my first set of Command Hooks for stockings this year and I’m in love! Thank you for the chance to win that great prize pack. 🙂

  10. I love love LOVE Command hooks! I have them in every room in my house, in closets, in the shower, the list goes on…. I especially love all the clear ones. Ironically, the first time I ever used them was hanging Christmas wreaths on our front windows, and now I’ve expanded to using them EVERYWHERE!!

  11. I use Command products but have never seen the banner anchors. I want those! I will keep my eyes open. Also, I think I’m going to “wrap” my table for Christmas morning!

  12. Since money is tight this year, I would use the command products to finish decorating my 5 year old sons room. He is a dinarsour fanatic and since I’m a DIY type crafter we try to redecorate with every season. The winter theme for his room is ” snow loving,leaf eating, Dino’s !” Lol he chose to name the theme this time. Thank you for the chance at winning this. It is greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays everyone!

  13. I love command products and yet I have never tried those clear hooks….awesome!!! If you have a chance can you tell me where you get the square wreaths hanging on your wall? I keep seeing them on sites but don’t know where you get them.

  14. These things are great! I love using them with banners and all kinds of Christmas Deco. Their use is endless. Thank you for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!!

  15. I would use the banner holders. What a great idea! whenever i hang things up for parties, they fall down at the most inconvenient times.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Not appalled – relieved. I’m always happy to use anything and everything on my christmas table as long as it all comes together and looks lovely and I have this passion for christmas paper long after all my presents are wrapped – oh so many and so pretty – mmm – thats got me thinking how I could use it on the table. Thank you for your lovely blog – always great doable ideas and inspiration – love the 10 minute ones – and so lovely to read its a family affair now. I wanted to let you know you have helped inspire me in my own “bloggin” adventure. You wrote a post maybe 18 months ago about blogging – it came at a time when I was tossing around the idea of my own blog but wondering if I had anything to say that hadn’t already been said. You words were along the lines of “it’s all been said before but not by you”. That one really got me and helped me a lot. Thank you for sharing your heart on your blog and helping me find the courage to share mine. Tracey

  17. I have been following your site for about a year now. I enjoy your down to earth style and design esthetic. You are truly Living the Dream!! Merry Christmas!

  18. I have never used Command products, they would make holiday and party decorating so easy. Would love to try them.

  19. I hang everything with command hooks from the kitchen to things outside by the pool, the bath room and in my sewing room. Love them!!

  20. Many things..hanging large ornaments from the fireplace mantel..hanging my Scandinavian cut out snowflakes from my window..my hanging advent calendar mobile..help with the garland..lots of uses.

  21. LOVE the wrapping paper Idea, I have used this for many holidays, just never Christmas before! Love it!

  22. I don’t have a fireplace/mantle, so I’d use these to hang stockings as well as other decorations like Christmas plaques.