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This past weekend, I went to a wedding.  I haven’t been to a wedding in a really long time.   The sweet couple sent a “save the date” last year, so we knew it was coming.  But when the invite actually came, we had to stop and think and plan and get babysitters and dog sitters, and frankly, I started to feel tired just from all of it.

But, I knew, if we just made it work, it would be a great time.

And it was.  We spent time with our family that we hadn’t seen it a long time.  We laughed.  One good round of laughter so hard you couldn’t breathe.  And we danced.  Not very well, but we danced.  And hubby and I had lots of time, just the two of us in a room filled with 300 people.

The weekend was such a sweet reminder, that sometimes, we just have to make time for things that matter.  Not that decorating is anywhere as important as spending time with family, but I think making time for decorating can also be important.    Our homes are where we spend the biggest amount of our time, shouldn’t we try to make it a place that we love?

But, lets be real, sometimes, “ain’t nobody got time for that”.  Which is why I try to share quick and easy ideas mixed in with the projects we share.  It is why I started the 10 Minute Decorating Series.  It is also why I was so excited when The Painted Fox asked if I wanted to be part of a fun idea, I jumped at it.  They have sent me, and 8 other bloggers random items to see what they could come up with.  And I choose to add the “quick and easy” part to it myself.

If you are joining me from the previous stop, The Handmade Home, welcome and thank you so much for coming by.




So, this what I started with.  This set of baskets (click for the link) and this set of bottles.




I knew I wanted to use them in my dining room, so I brought back my vintage door table runner to the dining room, and began layering pieces in.




In my mind, I saw that one of the baskets should be turned over and used as a pedestal, and then I filled the second and larger one with pine cones from outside.  If I didn’t have pine cones, I would probably use some mason jars with some leaves picked from outside.




I grouped in the bottles, some paper mache pumpkins, feathers and my old stand-by – vintage doorknobs.




Right outside my front door is one of my favorite plants – Autumn Joy Sedum.  We received the original one from my father-in-law when we moved in 14 years ago.  I have divided it several times over and spread it through the front beds.  I do not have a green thumb, so it still amazes me I was able to accomplish this.   This type of sedum stays green all spring and summer and then begins to turn an ever so pretty pink.  By the time fall greets us, they are a beautiful deep garnet color with some pink undertones.  They come inside really beautifully as well, just snipping a few stalks and putting them in water.


Fall vignette


And it really is that simple.  Now, my dining room table is welcoming right at our front door.  And it really only took 10 minutes to pull it together.

So now, stop by the next stop – My Sweet Savannah and see what she got and what she did with it!  Whatever it is, I am sure Melaine did something amazing with it!




Thanks so much for reading!



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  1. The sedum are wonderful! Break off a piece then “Ecco!” you have another plant started!! Your dining room looks so nice — we have pine cones and sedum. Would you believe I’ve never brought stems in as flowers. I guess I wasn’t thinking outside the box. Thank you for the ideas!!

  2. So beautiful, Laura! I haven’t even begun fall decorating down here in the south, but this morning it was 58 degrees and my fall fever kicked into overdrive! Time to get those pumpkins OUT! 😀 SO glad to be a part of this fun challenge with you!