Quick & Easy Chalkboard Ornament – No Painting!


They say that necessity is the mother of all invention.

In the case of my chalkboard ornament, the mother of invention was a lack of desire of painting and waiting for it to dry.

Lazy, huh?

But it really worked out well since I absolutely love how these came out and they took just minutes to make!


Here is how I did it…


– Chalkboard Contact Paper (you can find it here, affiliate link)

– Large punch in your choice of shape

– Chalk

-Chalk Ink Marker (you can find it here, affiliate link)

– Ribbon or twine of your choice

– Stamps of your choice

– Scapbooking white letters

– Card Stock

– Hole Punch



1 – Remove the backing of the contact paper and attach it to both sides of the contact paper.  This gives you a two sided ornament that has some weight to it so it hangs correctly.




2 – Punch out your shapes



3 – Use your hole punch to create a hole for the ribbon or twine.



To decorate with the stamps, follow these steps:

– Cover your stamp in chalk and then place it on your ornament



– Now follow over the pattern with the chalk ink marker.


– No go in with the plain chalk and fill around the design, and then smooth it all out with your finger for a “seasoned look”.


– I also added a simple border with dots using the chalk ink marker.  Attach ribbon and it is ready to hang.


To create ornaments with words, follow these steps:

– “Season” the whole ornament with the side of your chalk and smooth out with your finger.


– Use the scrapbooking letters to spell out your words.


 – Add a ribbon and a border and you are ready to hang this one too.


You can either leave them like this and “erase” them to use again, or seal it with a clear spray sealer for it to be permanent.  To erase it, use a Magic Eraser.



These are great as ornaments but would work really was as gift tags as well.

Thanks so much for reading and happy crafting!


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19 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Chalkboard Ornament – No Painting!”


  1. Thanks for sharing, just ordered my supplies can’t wait to make these with my daughter! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

  2. Seriously you really need to stop. Stop coming up with all these fabulous ideas. I have pinned all of your projects and now I just added these to my list to make. I love this idea. Super easy and really cute. The ladies in my bunco group are getting soy lavender candles you made last week with lavender sugar hand scrub. I was trying to find an idea for a cute ornament to make and attach to the outside of the gift. Problem solved. Thank You. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Laura, First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! Second of all, your ornaments are adorable and I’m going to make some of these! Thanks for your lovely blog.

  4. Laura, I wanted to make the ornaments today, but got confused with the step on taking the contact paper off and placing between the black sheet.