Vintage Galvanized Maple Sap Bucket


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I have searched for this size vintage maple sap bucket for a long time! It is perfect to hold flowers, greenery at the holidays, even a small Christmas tree. Hang several on hooks to corral & organized all of the “stuff”. The smaller size makes it perfect for tabletops, mantels and even to hang.

They measure approximately 12.25″ tall x 8″ diameter at the top and 5.5″ diameter at the bottom.

The JOY buckets are three buckets with ribbon added and written on with a chalk marker. ┬áThe writing and ribbon are not included – this listing is for one bucket.

These buckets were used for their original purpose, gathering maple sap from the tree. They have various bent tops, dents, and overall used appearance. Some have signs of rust, which I personally think adds to the character. There is a hole at the top for hanging on a hook or nail, and it even works well to tie in a piece of twine for hanging. There is no hanger included.

They are all tested to be water tight, but it is highly recommended that you use a vessel inside to hold water to prevent links and further aging of the bucket.

Shipping on these buckets are $8.00 and $8.00 for each additional unit. Enjoy!



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