Please excuse our mess

Hello – you may notice some changes around these parts!

There are still some things being worked through – like finding old posts and a few design snafus – and we are working on them pronto quick.

I am also aware that comments have not been showing up – they actually are all going to spam – but I am getting them and pulling out the real from the spam.  This has made it harder for me to respond to comments so please accept my apologies.  You all have been leaving some super nice comments and they really truly are appreciated!

Your patience while we get things all fixed up is appreciated!

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4 thoughts on “Please excuse our mess”


  1. Hi Laura,

    I cannot wait to see what the site looks like when everything is done, the logo looks wonderful. I wanted to say, that a while ago you popped over to my blog and kindly gave me some suggestions on how I could improve things, and I have been working hard on making changes – thanks for your help.