Our Mudroom and Laundry Room


This is the door where all of our friends come in.

And the really good ones don’t even knock.

Mudroom and Laundry Room

This is the place where even though there are basket and bags labeled to organize the laundry, there is always a pile on the floor in front of the washer.


If you come through the side door, you are already a friend, so you won’t mind the laundry pile right?

Decorating your Laundry Room

This is the place where we keep vintage treasures to remind us of our past.

Laundry Room Decorating

This is where are the school papers pile up, the coupons get stored and the mail is sorted.

Under that little door is where all of Hubby’s stuff is and there are even plugs to keep everything charged.

Mudroom Desk and Command Center

This is the place where invitations are posted that I hope I don’t forget to R.S.V.P. to.

Mudroom Bulletin Board

This is the freezer where there is still a free Thanksgiving Turkey that I really need to cook, ice cream and frozen pizza when there is no time for a real dinner.

Combined Laundry Room and Mudroom

And this is the place where all of the coats and bags are hung, the shoes and cleats are stored and the gloves and hats try to stay corralled.

Mudroom Built-in Cubbies

And this is where you should hang your coat when you come in the side door.

Mudroom Entryway and Hooks

This is the room where the messy part of life piles up and the dirt tracks into the most.

This is the room that used to be one bay of our garage and we converted into a mudroom and laundry room.

This is the room I am so thankful to have in our home.

Wishing you a blessed day and thank you so much for reading.


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24 thoughts on “Our Mudroom and Laundry Room”


  1. What a wonderful room! I can tell that every inch was planned to make the most of the space. What can you tell me about the mudroom flooring? I would love more information. It looks like just what I need for my kitchen. Thanks!

  2. What an awesome room. If I had a laundry room like yours I think I would actually get the laundry done. I love the separate zones and all the attention to detail. I especially like those laundry bags and the material on the bulletin board. What a nice and welcoming room for your friends to enter.

  3. Love it. Trying to figure out a mudroom in our home. Lots of good things to think about. Yours is so lovely–even with piles (which of course I didn’t see today :).)

  4. Your mudroom/ laundry room is such a great size. So welcoming to all that enter I’m sure. I love all of the hard working areas in your room. The blue door is so pretty. My mudroom/ laundry room is so small we have to keep our freezer in the garage along with our free turkey that needs to be cooked.
    Have a great day.

  5. It’s beautiful. We are the same way. Lot’s of times…people are coming through the garage….right into the laundry room…then into the kitchen. I love it.. Then…in the summer…it’s a place where kiddos dry off after swimming…and all year…it catches boots with chicken..and now goat doody…before it comes in the rest of the house. Ha! I agree….a room like that…is something to be thankful for! ~k.

  6. What a fantastic space! I would love to have something like this in my home. We even called a contractor to see what could be done but discovered that it would be way too expensive (major utility lines would have to be relocated and other not fun stuff) – boo hoo! So, I guess I’ll just admire yours. You did a great job planning a beautiful and functional space! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE this room! You are very fortunate to have such a space! Can you tell me about the hanging laundry bags? I would love to make some!

  8. could you please tell me where you purchased those 2 laundry bags??
    I would like to hang something like that from our hooks?
    Deb Claytor

  9. Your corner bench and coat hanger system is exactly what I am looking to do in our mudroom remodel. What info do you have on that. Was it a custom built piece or from a cabinet company? Would you be willing to share the dimensions please? Thanks in advance!

  10. I love it when beauty and function come together. What a great room to have. I was wondering what the stain color is for the mudroom coat built-in?

    Thanks much!