Our Family Christmas Tree

When I first photographed our home decorated for Christmas, you may have noticed one thing was a little bit off.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Living Room at Night

There were very few ornaments on our tree.

Well, the reason being was hubby was out of town and we were not going to decorate our tree without him.

So me and my girls put up a few and then we waited until he returned home.

And now she is all decorated.

Family Christmas Tree

She is filled with all of the decorations my kids have made over the years, and treasures from places we have traveled.

Walt Disney World Ornament

And treasures my husband has brought back from his travels.

Christmas Ornament

And new treasures found this year.

Vintage Ornament

And speaking of new treasures found this year, check out this fabulous guy…

Christmas Tin Man

He is from the Cherry Valley Tinsel Company and he made this amazing machine that makes these fabulous Tin-cicles that are adding an extra bit of sparkle to my tree this year.

Christmas Tin Man

We met him in Sharon Springs, NY when Hubby and I snuck away for a night.  Of course I could not tell you about meeting the Tin Man, without sharing this picture too.

iphone december 107

Yup that is Brent, one half of the Amazing Race winning Beekman Boys.  I also bought their book and he signed it for me.

Sweet little town, crazy amounts of style packed into to one little town.

If you would like to see any of other trees from this year, the links are below:

Toolbox Tree

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Toolbox Tree

Black and White Boxwood Tree

Collage 2 Photos Horizontal

Joy to the World Tree

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Joy to the World Christmas Tree

Galvanized Tub Tree

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Galvanized Tree

Thanks so much for reading!

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17 thoughts on “Our Family Christmas Tree”


  1. So charming…my favorite is the boxwood tree! (and the quote from It’s a Wonderful Life) I see you use lots of boxwood in decorating, do they stay fresh when you put the cuttings in pitchers and vases? Or do you change them out often?

  2. Your tree is beautiful! I love how you decorated this year, definitely gives me some ideas for next year! I was so surprised to hear you mention Sharon Springs and Cherry Valley, they are only about 45minutes to an hour from my house. 🙂

  3. When I found your blog last week and read your story, I felt like we have a lot in common. So, today, when this post landed in my email box I giggled a little because your post title today is exactly the same as mine that I posted earlier this week (http://lilacsandlonghorns.blogspot.com/2012/12/our-family-christmas-tree.html). I don’t normally leave links to my blog, but I thought you woud get a kick out of it! I LOVE a memory-filled tree and mine is filled with home-made ornaments and past memories, too — not that unusual, but in blogland, it seems like they’re not so much.

    I envy the fact that your tree is real, though. Living in Texas and having a 20-foot ceiling it just seems more practical to have an artificial tree, though I totally miss the look and the fresh smell of real (I grew up in Minnesota where we cut our own tree every year) Your home and your tree are beautiful. Enjoy the holidays! :).

  4. you really outdid yourself on these trees…i LOVE the Joy to the World tree…really love
    it is so bright and colorful and the white tree just makes it.

  5. Oh I just LOVE your tree! I like that you decorated it with sentimental ornaments too. You are so sweet to wait on your husband like that and make it a family affair. I’m so bad and just do it all myself (except for the lights). LOL! Your home is so charming. I love all the country touches around it. I like a casual family home and yours is just that! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me too.

  6. Hi Laura – Your tree is just beautiful and how wonderful that you waited for all of your family to be together to decorate it. A great tradition. Also, your Toolbox Tree and Galvanized Tub Tree are SO unique, I love them! You have such a talent. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment. I appreciate it so much. Take care! 🙂

  7. Laura!
    We always do a family tree too – and have the same Disney ornament! Every year, I give my girls new ornaments to hang on the tree, mark the date and plan to give them their collection when they move (hopefully never)!!

    Glad you had fun in Sharon Springs – it’s about 3 hours from my house. Maybe next year!

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